By Kilian Bamboo Harmony & Water Calligraphy ~ new fragrances

By Kilian Bamboo Harmony

Niche line By Kilian has launched Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy, the first two of a projected five fragrances in the new Asian Tales collection. Both fragrances were developed by perfumer Calice Becker.

ASIAN TALES was first conceived as an olfactive voyage, yet soon transformed into a spiritual journey as meanings behind symbols and words became increasingly significant and relevant. As the creation took shape, every detail was placed with careful attention and with the intent to pay homage to this great culture.

Bamboo Harmony (shown) ~ Inspired by The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. "Bamboo Harmony opens with luminous notes of Bergamot, Bigarade and Neroli. The perfume then evolves through a comforting combination of white tea leaves and Mimosa, highlighted with a touch of spices. The unique character of the trail is given by rare Maté Essence, interlaced with sensual fig leaves and oak moss."

Water Calligraphy ~ Inspired by the art of calligraphy. "Water Calligraphy is a scent built with simplicity and spirituality, like its Art. A harmonious duo of sparkling Grapefruit zest and Reseda blossom, underlined by dewy Water Lily to awaken the senses. In the heart, the majestic Jasmine Sambac enhances the evanescent magnolia giving an impression of quiet water sliding over Cardamom and Vetiver, like Chinese ink slides over rice paper."

By Kilian Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy can be found now at Saks Fifth Avenue, in 50 ml refillable Eau de Parfum, $225.

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Update: see reviews of Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy.

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  1. ladymurasaki says:

    Ohh, they both sound interesting. I hope I get to sample them soon.

  2. mitsouko says:

    Oh, Bamboo sounds great. I wonder if there is any kind of a bamboo scent to it at all though ? I wouldn’t mind some bamboo .( Just a thought in my head… ‘bamboo’ is such an odd little word ! )

    • ladymurasaki says:

      I wondered about that too. Another bamboo scent that I have tested is CB I Hate Perfume Just Breathe. I liked it but not enough to want to buy it.

    • Robin says:

      They didn’t list a bamboo note, but who knows.

  3. lucasai says:

    I should be getting samples of both in a couple of weeks. I joined By Kilian facebook page and few days ago Mr Kilian wrote he’s sending us some samples of Asian Tales, so mine should hopefully arrive at my place soon

    • ladymurasaki says:

      That’s wonderful! Let us know what you think of them.

      • lucasai says:

        Of course I will give you my complex review. According to what Mr Kilian wrote they should arrive at my place in a couple of weeks. Would you wait until then, please?

        • ladymurasaki says:

          Of course. I received a sample of Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide and I love its spiciness. Isn’t it wonderful when perfume houses care enough to send us free samples? I recentely visited Liberty London to try fragrances and was told flatly by a sale person “we don’t carry samples”. Oh, well. Can’t blame a girl for trying!

          • lucasai says:

            How did you get that Lutens sample? Is it somehow familiar with this By Kilian thing I joined? I’ve got 2 samples of Lutens’s stuff, Borneo and Arabie, which I got from a good NST soul – Dominika. Unfortunately they smell too me like a dirt with a huge pile of spices, it remids me of a crowded arabian bazaar

          • ladymurasaki says:

            If I remember it correctly, I signed up to receive the newsletter on Serge Luten’s website and they sent me an email a few weeks later asking me if I want to receive a sample of their new fragrance. I could be wrong. I have also signed with Ormonde Jayne and they’re supposed to send you a free sample when they launch a new fragrance.

          • lucasai says:

            Sounds interesting, I’ve got to carry a small investigation. I don’t have many opportunities to get/buy samples of niche perfume, so this might be a lifesaver.

    • Bonbori says:

      That’s very cool of Killian.

      How does he get your real-world address from your facebook “like”, do you register with him?

      • lucasai says:

        yup, there was a short form to fill-in, just in case of free samples toss ;) I’ve heard that already happened few times e.g with Arabian Nights series, so why not join them, you might actually make yourself a way for some free sample once in a while

    • Robin says:

      Lucky you!

  4. thegoddessrena says:

    Must go into Saks on my day off and have my favorite SA, who’s the Kilian rep, hold some samples for me–I hpe that they’re both fabulous

  5. basia says:

    Got my samples from Mr. Killian in the mail today , on my birthday no less!. Can’t wait to try them, the bamboo especially! (I am in a suburb of Detroit, MI.)

  6. nozknoz says:

    The cynical side of my brain is saying, moving on from the Arab market to the Asian market – probable meh for my big nose. The irrepressible lemming side is saying, SQUEE!! Calice Beckers!!!

  7. hajusuuri says:

    “like Chinese ink slides over rice paper” better be the feeling and not the smell :-). Has anyone ever smelled Chinese ink? It is gross!

    That said, this collection sounds interesting. Must stop by Saks when I can.

  8. thegoddessrena says:

    Tried these on a few hours ago. I like them both, especially Water Calligraphy which surprised me because I don’t usually like fresh sort of scents. The fresh glides into a magnolia heart and then when Isniff deeply something just grabs my spine and whoa! It really blooms when there’s a little bit of chill in the air. Bamboo Harmony is warmer, a little spicy and seems suited to autumn

  9. the annoying thing is, I keep thinking I don’t care about new By Kilian releases and I don’t register on the facebook page and then everyone in the world gets samples but me.

    the good thing is, i smelled these at the saks in miami this week anyway. loved the SA. water calligraphy struck me as a fairly predictable (but beautiful) aquatic, but I quite liked bamboo harmony. i didn’t really pick up bamboo in it, but it did remind me of a zen water garden – a water scent (not noticeably calone), perhaps a note of wet rock?, and an underlying note of sandalwood which always gets me. i want to try it on skin but i considered it quite worthy of consideration for a FB.

  10. sayitisntso says:

    A good friend works at Saks (NYC) and Kilian H. is there right now leading a training session for the salespeople on the cosmetics floor. She says Bamboo Harmony is the most beautiful perfume she’s ever smelled. Talk about a lemming!

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