Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum ~ fragrance review

I’m used to thinking of iris as the shapeshifter of perfume, but leather fragrances can be equally squirrelly. From the sharp, dominatrix nappa of Robert Piguet Bandit and the oily, sweet saddle leather of Caron Tabac Blond, to the fresh, air-salt suede of DelRae Mythique and the floral glove leather of Lancôme Cuir de Lancôme, leather isn’t always easy to pin down. Now with Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum, another leather joins the mix. This one is full but refined, friendly but elegant. I'm hooked.

Perfumer Michel Almairac created Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum. Its notes include patchouli, oak moss, bergamot, jasmine, and pink pepper. Bottega Veneta classifies it as a “leathery floral chypre.” Bottega Veneta’s online advertising includes a film with quiet solo piano transitioning to strings, supplemented with the sounds of seagulls and a far-off storm. The model featured in the sepia-tinted campaign is atypically beautiful with a strong nose and brow. She's swaddled in something fancy and silk, and she seems to be alone, focused on the horizon. It's an unusually introspective ad. 

The fragrance is reserved, but not as withdrawn as the ad campaign suggests. Bottega Veneta opens with pale citrus giving way to smooth suede and floral apricot. A hint of ocean air adds an edge to the suede. When I read Denyse’s review of Bottega Veneta at Grain de Musc I nodded the whole way through: the tight, velvety nap of apricots? Check. The moist, sweet-tart smell of a cold plum? Check. The iodine of the sea? Yes, that, too, and subtly.

Tingling jasmine lightens Bottega Veneta's sweetened glove leather. Fruit-phobes, don't worry: the fruit merely softens the leather the way a rose in the garden can smell like raspberries. Despite the fruity hint, it's still a rose, and Bottega Veneta is still a leather fragrance. As Bottega Veneta ages, benzoin and patchouli continue to fill it out so that it retains warmth and presence. The fragrance feels full and round, yet soft as a kitten’s ear. It’s easy to wear and present without being demanding. It has moderate sillage and lasts all day on my skin.

Side by side with Serge Lutens Daim Blond, Daim Blond’s Lutensian legacy of cedar and stewed fruit show starkly. I never would have characterized Daim Blond that way if I hadn't smelled it next to the calm luxe of Bottega Veneta. Thinking their leathers were equally sweet and refined, I tried Bottega Veneta next to Cuir de Lancôme. Cuir de Lancôme read more watery-floral, although its leather had the same good breeding as Bottega Veneta’s. I came away with a new and deeper appreciation for Cuir de Lancôme (and such a bargain at online discounters!) but also a nagging lust for Bottega Veneta.

When I wore Bottega Veneta at the office, it earned unanimously positive reviews. “It’s beautiful,” my boss said. (Bonus review: He also said, “Have you ever smelled Tom Ford Black Orchid? That stuff is strong. I like it, but I can’t wear it. But if I cook something stinky like fish, I can spray it on the curtains to hide the odor.”) My favorite sales associate at Nordstrom said of Bottega Veneta, “I think it’s going to be big.” (His bonus review: “Have you smelled Prada Candy? It’s not my favorite. That caramel. It smells like something you’d spray to cover up another odor.”)

Before too long, I know I won't be able to resist adding Bottega Veneta to my collection. When I do, it will find regular rotation through work, dinner parties, and evenings at home. Shoot, if I ever end up in an evening gown and a mussed, 1960s coiffure while staring out at the ocean like the model in Bottega Veneta's ad, I'll wear it then, too. What a nice surprise from the department store.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum is available in a 50 ml bottle for $95, and a 75 ml bottle for $130. Also available are a 30 ml bottle of Eau de Parfum , 200 ml shower gel, 200 ml body lotion, 200 ml body cream, and a 60 ml bottle of parfum.

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  1. Absolute Scentualist says:

    And with the above words, a new lemming is born. ;)

    I want to thank you, Angela, because now I simply *must* try this, loving all things leather as I do. However, that soft skittering sound was my debit card trying to slip out under the front door for less active pastures.

    This sounds so fantastic. Which version did you try?

    • Angela says:

      I tried the eau de parfum. The Nordstrom in my town doesn’t carry it yet, but the SA was kind enough to make me a little sample from their lab sample. I forced myself to save a drop of it for today, in case I need to refer to it, but I’ve been so tempted to use it up!

  2. rodelinda says:

    I’ve been enjoying my large sample of this, even though I’m not usually a leather fan. It’s very nice.

    • Angela says:

      I’m feeling the need for a bottle of it, darn it. At least there’s not a huge price incentive to buy the big bottle, so I won’t be tempted to go too wild.

      • ggperfume says:

        What about that 30ml bottle of edp? Will we ever really see it?

        • Angela says:

          I always see word of a 30 ml bottle for a new perfume, and I have the exact same question! I have no idea if they made more than a dozen of the one-ouuncers, and where they ended up.

  3. Andreea says:

    Angela-lemming a BV tote is one thing (oh the lemmings!9 but reading this review is totally… roase, leather, 60es, unusual beauty, I know we are not exactly scent twins but scent sisters so…

    Thank you for this wondeful review – I agree that Prada Candy smells like… caramel and poo. Sorry for that!

    • Angela says:

      I can live without the woven leather tote, thank goodness. At least I don’t lust for expensive handbags. We’re saving ourselves some big money!

      • Andreea says:

        Angela – but count your perfumes, you got the tote right over there :-) I have one bag, ’nuff. I have a few scents – they are much more fun, imagination, and joy to me! AGREE!

        • Angela says:

          Probably a tote *and* and pair of shoes! I agree, though–I’d rather have the perfume.

  4. halimeade says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful review as always : ) I love the little ‘bonus’ reviews as well, haha. As a side note, I’m a very big fan on Mythique, but get no leather or suede note in it at all when I wear it, just the iris and orris butter. It makes me wonder if I would get much leather out of Veneta, either, or are they just completely different animals?

    • Angela says:

      Really? No suede from Mythique? Well, at least its iris is pretty enough to float that fragrance. The leather in BV isn’t an oily, saddle-type leather like some perfumes, or the airy, delicate, salty suede of Mythique. It’s definitely muted and refined, though. Probably the best thing is for you to give it a try the next time you’re in a semi-fancy department store.

  5. Abyss says:

    Oh boy, I’m dying to try this. I’m a sucker for anything that mentions “leather” and ‘chypre” and I’ve read so many good things about this one that I can hardly wait. Ugh, I really need to plan a trip to the big city for a day of quality sniffing.

    • Angela says:

      This is easily one of my favorite new releases this year. It is more leathery than chypre-y, to me. When you try it, do let me know what you think!

      • Abyss says:

        Wow, that’s really impressive especially since it’s both a mainstream release (well, kind of) and one that’s fairly reasonably priced.

        • Angela says:

          It really is nice to find something so nice yet readily available for a change.

    • rodelinda says:

      It smells like a nice leather handbag with a little face powder mixed in, especially after it sweetens up slightly in the drydown.

      • Angela says:

        Nice description!

      • Abyss says:

        Yup, definitely liking the sound of that!

      • mals86 says:

        Cuir de Lancome smells a lot like that to me: my mom’s good leather purse, with her lipstick, her face powder, and her No. 5-spritzed hanky in it. I love CdL, and I am now thinking I really must, *must*, try Bottega Veneta.

        • Angela says:

          It’s certainly worth a try, I think, if you like leather fragrances.

  6. sunsetsong says:

    I have been very good lately – at least I think so ! – and my big treat was to head off to Harvey Nicks and John Lewis to have a sniff around and add to my collection. Bottega Veneta is now mine! LOVELY fragrance, very grown up and elegant, great review. Wearing it now! Liked Prada Candy ! Ended up a 3 way race between Bandit, Bottega Veneta, and Nuit De Tubereuse, and the BV won by a nose! Although I can’t stop thinking about the other two… esp Nuit De Tubereuse. Thanks to the HN SA for the samples! Sorry to everyone around me on the way home, the tester sprays on my arm were fighting.

    • Angela says:

      Oh, you had a tough choice to make: Bandit, Nuit de Tubereuse, or Bottega Veneta! At some point you really need to have them all…

      • sunsetsong says:

        Yes! But probably decants not a lovely FB as both Bandit and NdT are very pricey. I do like me an FB and the BV one is rather nice – esp the bottom of the bottle for some reason…

        • Angela says:

          Decants are such a smart way to buy fragrance, anyway. It’s nice to have a lovely full bottle to gaze at, but it can be a heck of a lot of perfume to use up if you have more than a few.

  7. Emily says:

    I love leather, but it rarely loves me back. However, I *can* wear Cuir de Lancome, so perhaps that bodes well? I hope so, because this one sounds terrific. Thanks for the review, Angela.

    • Angela says:

      I think if you can wear Cuir de Lancome, you should be good with BV. BV does have a hint of patchouli that Cuir de Lancome doesn’t have, but their leathers have the same quiet elegance, I think.

      • Emily says:

        Now, patchouli I can do (even full-on, Aromatics Elixir-style patchouli). I’ll have to stop by Nordstrom this week to check it out.

        • Angela says:

          It sounds like this one might be a good leather for you!

  8. Tulip says:

    This sounds really good – and “with all the optional extras” as they say in “Pillow Talk” (Doris Day & Rock Hudson for you youngin’s).

    • Angela says:

      A great movie reference! Plus, I could imagine Rock Hudson wearing this one.

  9. kristinacologne says:

    I tried this several times and haven’t made up my mind if I need a full bottle but boy, what a well-made scent this is! Probably the best mainstream fragrance I’ve smelled in a long time. It has a classic vibe yet is totally modern.

    • Angela says:

      If you haven’t made up your mind, then it isn’t love, and if it isn’t love, then you’ve just saved yourself some money for that fragrance that truly grabs you.

      • kristinacologne says:

        Yeah, but the love might grow… :-)

        • Angela says:

          Oh yes, there’s always that. When I think of the perfumes I rejected at first that I love now, it’s kind of embarrassing.

  10. Kitty says:

    I thought this fragrance was beautiful. Luckily it doesn’t last too long on me, so I’m not tempted to buy. There was far too much temptation the last quarter.

    • Angela says:

      All that temptation truly does wear a gal down. Luckily–or unluckily–for me, BV lasts a good long time on my skin.

  11. SmokeyToes says:

    Hi Angela,
    The words “leathery floral chypre” got my interest right away. I love leather in all it’s forms, No 19, Sikkim and Bandit are my three favorites. I’ll have to try a spritz of this when I get the chance. This sounds nice and smooth.

    • Angela says:

      You know where BV would smell really good? On someone behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes diesel (just in case you think I’m not still seriously jonesing for one. Sigh).

      • SmokeyToes says:

        So true Angela! :~) Will have to take it for a ‘test drive’ very soon!

        • Angela says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if it works really well for you.

    • ggperfume says:

      Do you pick up a leather note in no19? It’s all iris and green to me.

      • SmokeyToes says:

        Yep, I get a nice ‘worn leather’ note, very nice deep and soft…. I’m finally done with my vintage from 16 years ago…. *sigh*

      • Angela says:

        A get a subtle leather note, too, but it’s not a gigantic one.

  12. HemlockSillage says:

    How does the BV compare to Cuir de Russie? It sounds softer and more sweet, but just wondering. My current lemming is CdR in extrait, but that will have to wait until I can get to Paris! Maybe a bit of BV can be a pretty distraction until then. You’ve really created a lemming here, just with your words! Be well.

    • Angela says:

      I you nailed it in that BV is softer, rounder, and sweeter than Cuir de Russie. Cuir de Russie is more Chanel-ish, with its aldehydes and angular structure, while BV feels more full and soft.

      • Rappleyea says:

        Whew! **Rappleyea breathes a sigh of relief**

        Hemlock asked my question, and if BV is sweeter than CdR extrait, then my lemming has just died a peaceful death! I really don’t think I could wear a sweeter leather than the CdR. I find CdR extrait quite a bit sweeter than the edt – I have each and wear the edt in the warmer weather, saving the extrait for the colder months.

        Great review, Angela!

        • Angela says:

          You dodged that bullet!

      • HemlockSillage says:

        Thanks for the side by side comparison. I think I have room on my heart for both. Will have to pop by Nordstrom’s and sniff. Thanks for a lovely review and comparison. Be well!

        • Angela says:

          My heart is plenty capacious for both, too! I’d love to know what you think of it once you’ve tried it.

      • ggperfume says:

        I want to try BV, but need to try CdR too. I love the house style that so many of Chanel’s perfumes share.

        • Angela says:

          Cuir de Russie definitely shares that house style, I think, so I bet you’ll like it.

    • AnnS says:

      When I smell CdR – and I just happened to retest it yesterday – I get a big whallop of that gorgeous sandalwood that Chanel uses. CdR is more sandalwood than leather to me. Any thoughts on the depth of leather in BV then? Is it more or less leather than in CdR?

      • Angela says:

        To me, it’s a different leather rather than stronger or weaker. Cuir de Russie’s leather is a little more birch tar than Bottega Veneta’s, in my opinion. BV’s leather is more creamy.

        • AnnS says:

          Thanks very much for the detail. I do really want to try BV and I’m hoping a sample will come my way soon before I cave and buy unsniffed.

          I also have Donna Karan “Signature” which is a lovely leather-suede floriental. I often wonder how the two would compare.

          • Angela says:

            I haven’t smelled the DK signature. Maybe someone else can comment on how similar (or not) they are.

  13. Alem says:

    I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and, although I’m not a “leather” girl, I’m hooked. It’s elegant, beautiful, alive… A perfecto companion to that  oooooh so beautiful woven bags (intrencciato, they are called).
    The model is Nine d’Urso, eldest daughter of the also ooooooh so terribly chic Ines de la Fressange!

    • Angela says:

      That beautiful and Ines de la Fressange as a mother? The elegance in that household must be intoxicating.

      Thank you for teaching me “intrencciato.” I’ll ask an Italian colleague how to pronounce it, then I’ll start throwing it around and wait for people to be amazed at my chic.

      • Rappleyea says:

        We already are. ;-)

        • Angela says:

          You sure know how to flatter a gal!

      • AnnS says:

        Ines de la Fressange will forever be associated with my fondest, earliest memories of Coco. It was my first big Chanel at 17 and I was definitely imagining myself in her gorgeous footsteps.

        • Angela says:

          Me too! I always think of her and Coco together.

          • AnnS says:

            Ha – that’s *me* running through Paris to the Opera!!! ;-)

          • Angela says:

            We’ll have to start our own fan club!

  14. Angela, I had an afterthought about your love of Mythique when I’d posted my review, and felt quite convinced Bottega Veneta would be a winner for you. I’m not dissing Candy, which has been a guilty pleasure, but along with Baiser Volé (a little tame for my tastes, but lovely), BV makes me think there’s hope yet in the mainstream!

    • Angela says:

      Your review of Bottega Veneta was spot on, in my book. But, speaking of books, I’m thrilled to see the actual cover of your book and know it’s coming out soon! From the little bit of it you posted, I know it’s terrific.

  15. FragrantWitch says:

    I can’t wait to sniff this and now that you have sung it’s praises I will have to be at John Lewis first thing tomorrow morning!
    As always, thanks for a wonderful review, Angela.

    • Angela says:

      Let me know what you think!

  16. mals86 says:

    I have high hopes for BV, since I do love Cuir de Lancome so much. Mythique I also liked, but it wore SO close to the skin that I couldn’t justify buying a bottle at DelRae prices.

    I did have a question about the patchouli, Angela. As a patchophobe, I notice that I do pretty well with it when it’s aged and smelling herbal/green, but the earthy-musty-dusty kind just killlllls me. How would you describe the patchouli in BV?

    • Angela says:

      I think my skin amps patchouli, so it may not come out as much on you, but it’s not a hippie-type patchouli. Rather than stand out as “ta da! patchouli!”, it more gives a skin-like roundness and warmth to the fragrance. In any case, you might want to try it first just in case.

  17. prism says:

    i tried to like it, cause i like Bottega Veneta, the brand and their leather bags and clutches, but there’s a floral note in there that feels too familiar, something that has been done a lot recently. i can’t put my finger on it, but i don’t agree on that fragrance.

    guess it wasn’t meant for me.

    • Angela says:

      There’s definitely some jasmine happening in BV–I wonder if that’s the note? In any case, there’s plenty of beautiful perfume out there, and now that you’ve crossed this one off your list, you’re sure to find something you like better.

  18. Sombreuil says:

    I love the marketing around this one more than anything I’ve seen in ages. Pensive, sun-dappled, and romantic. The bottle is gorgeous too, just made to feel good in your hand. Sure beats frothy dresses and hyper-pink roses or thisperfume = sex. The juice sounds wonderful too and will have to try asap!

    • Angela says:

      It’s true–the marketing campaign is satisfyingly grown up. I haven’t seen the bottle in person yet, but it looks smooth and heavy and satisfying.

  19. Tatiana says:

    The first time I tried this I sprayed it in Neiman Marcus and couldn’t even smell it. But my favorite SA gave me a sample to try at home. I was going to buy SL Daim Blonde and tried it against this. Decided I really didn’t like the stewed fruit of Daim Blonde so much. I was holding off on buying this because I was hoping for a bottle of Cuir de Russie for my birthday. ( Didn’t get the CdR, my husband apologized. Said the SA in the Chanel Boutique told him it wasn’t available in the U.S. and that he really did try to find it.) Today I’m wearing BV for the third day of my long weekend. And on the flight home, I was just in love with this scent. And since it’s available and the SA at Neimans is helpful, I am leaning towards getting a fb of this.

    • Angela says:

      Before I tried Daim Blonde side by side with BV, if someone would have asked me about stewed fruit in Daim Blonde, I would have said, “no!”. But now I can smell it. Not that it’s so strong, but it’s present.

      I’m sorry the SA at Chanel was so sadly mistaken! Really, I think there’s room in a perfume wardrobe for both fragrances.

  20. thenoseknows says:

    Dearest, Sweetest, Most Awesome and Graceful Angela, My Love for you has increased Triple Fold! Just no more than 2 weeks ago Me and My Mother were in Neiman’s going to Tiffany for an Exclusive Client event to meet their Handbag Designers and on the way stopped at the Neiman’s perfume counters and i was totally eager to smell this scent as well as Candy and Dahlia Noir… from previous statements here I was hesitant on all but Candy, because Dahlia Noir wasn’t very well received and i was dissuaded from worrying about getting to smell BV because it was said to not be very interesting.

    when i smelled it finally, I was in love without compunction! It floats around on such a Hushed and Quietly Sensual Air of leathery Beauty that my captivation was total and complete! The Bottle is a masterpiece of Understated Luxury and Refinement as well as Classical Simplicity. The Scent was Mesmerizing… and I was a Convert in the way that i knew without ever smelling it i would be a convert to Elie Saab! These are my Twin Icons of the Fall season and are both Luminous and Electric Beauties of completely different Ilk but both are Devastating Delights of Fragrance.

    Thank You, My Angel, for such a Hypnotic and Alluring and Entrancing Review. I can be assured in the knowledge that we both have similar aesthetics and are much of the same mind… I await your next Brilliant Achievement in Writing. MWAH!

    • Angela says:

      You overwhelm me! Holy smokes! I think you must somehow have time-machined in from the 19th century, with your aesthetic and writing style. I love it, of course.

      Yes, I really like Bottega Veneta. It’s so nice, so easy, so elegant. Who doesn’t need a little bit of that in her life?

  21. Elaine says:

    I got a sample from Neiman’s and used it up almost immediately. I went back and scored another sample from a different SA (I felt a little guilty about this, but only a little because I also bought a bottle of Mitsouko) and used up that one just as quickly. So it’s on my wish list for my birthday, which is in early December and now seems so, so far off. I can’t really justify buying it because the bottle of Mitsouko pretty much blew my perfume budget for the rest of the year so I’ll have to settle for drive-by sprayings until December. Hopefully it’ll show up at Nordstrom soon so I can hit them up for a sample too.

    • Angela says:

      Happy Birthday! It’s only a little over a month away now. Between your new Mitsouko and a few samples, you’ll make it in no time.

  22. Haunani says:

    Must try this! Is the bottle as pretty as it looks in the picture? Is it nice and heavy in the hand?

    • thenoseknows says:

      OH YES, It Certainly Is! ;-) Not Overbearingly Heavy, but A Good Weight in the hand and you can feel the Magnitude of the bottle when holding it… love the “Intrecciato” bottom in Frosted Glass… Rough and smooth all at the same time! DELISH!

    • Angela says:

      I haven’t felt it yet, but I hope to soon!

  23. Kartoon says:

    Oh … Angela … first time leave down a comment for your lovely post :-P
    I am not doing very good lately, I’ve bought both BV & Prada’s Candy … BV works to me as a luxury candy which you let it melt inside your mouth slowly, it has a very gentle sweetness. For the leather, it’s not overwhelming but the interesting part is I can somehow imagine myself flipping an old age leather covered photo album and sense the sweetness from those lovely, smiley faces on the photos …
    For Candy, it’s a fun wearing experience but I would call it BubbleGum instead … still good for a happy hour kind of gathering.

    • Angela says:

      What a lovely mini-review of BV! I can see the picture you paint in my mind clearly. I haven’t given Candy a fair try yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun, really.

      • Kartoon says:

        Thanks …
        But for Candy, it’s quite linear… IMHO, I found Prada’s senses all a bit this way … I need to train my nose more. Looking forward for your review on it.

        • Angela says:

          Robin did a review of Candy. Check the menu on the left and you’ll find it. I admit I only smelled Candy on a card, so I didn’t see how it changed on skin–and it sounds like in your experience it doesn’t change too much.

  24. eminere says:

    I wish I experienced the same journey as you Angela (and how pleasant it sounded!) but alas I couldn’t smell any leather in this. All that persisted on me was this really odd note of what I can only describe as “egg yolk” – something protein. Not very glamorous. :(

    • Angela says:

      No leather? That’s a drag. Leather is a little bit funky anyway, are you sure that wasn’t what you smelled? In any case, egg yolk isn’t very pleasant.

  25. aznleaf says:

    Did anyone find similarity between bottega and Armani Cuir Amethyste prive? I detected a powdery, amber-ish undertones in both fragrances and below is an excerpt from the Armani’s website:-
    “Fascinated by the raw material of leather, Giorgio Armani wants to tame it. It must become supple, warm, and capable of moulding the curves of a shoulder without any roughness. Cuir Amethyste will dare to use the authentic essence of pyrogenic Silver Birch to fix its animality next to the skin. Its burning breath will be calmed by the presence of a country Patchouli and the balmy mildness of Cistus and Benzoin. Then in counterpoint, Giorgio Armani imagines the velvet of peach like skin covered in Violet powder. This colourful procession is preceded by the solar energy of Calabria Bergamot.”
    Armani: leather, patchouli, peach, violets, bergamot…
    Bottega: Italian bergamot, Brazilian pink pepper, Indian Sambac jasmine, oak moss, patchouli and Indian patchouli

    • Angela says:

      They’re both by the same perfumer, for starts, and they both carry a hint of patchouli, if I remember right, so it makes sense there would be some real similarity!.

  26. mysterious_scent says:

    Thanks for the review. A must try to me.
    By the way, did you find it similar to Gucci Rush?

    • Angela says:

      I confess it’s been so long since I’ve tried Gucci Rush that I can’t tell you. I’ll have to remedy that!

    • StinkPretty says:

      Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. YES. I find it very similar to Rush. I’m so glad you asked. Did you think so, too? I’m wearing BV today and I keep flashing to Rush.

      • DeniseF80 says:

        Me too! I just tried it and I like it, but it really, really reminds me of Gucci Rush.

        • StinkPretty says:

          So nice to be affirmed!

  27. ggperfume says:

    I have been longing to sniff this since I first heard about it. Your review has sealed the deal – must try!

    • Angela says:

      Yes, it’s worth at least a try, I think!

  28. AnnieA says:

    Alas, it smelled really nice on the strip, but forgettable on the arm…

    • Angela says:

      So if you were only wearing a full armor of scent strips….

  29. Trish says:

    I am so ready to buy this unsniffed. I think I can hold off until it arrives at Nordstrom which I think will be any day.

    Lovely, lovely review BTW. XOXO ~T

    • Angela says:

      Do try it first! I’m tapping my foot waiting for it to show up, too.

  30. Calypso says:

    I have tried this twice now at Neiman Marcus and am completely baffled by all the raves. It is SWEEEEEET and JAMMY, PLUM JAM. To me it is no more elegant than–seriously–Euphoria. In fact I find it almost nauseating. It is nowhere near in the same class as Daim Blond! I just can’t find the love. Sorry!

    • Angela says:

      No need to apologize! I’m so happy to see commenters with differing opinions. Then, when someone reads my review and can’t get it, then sees your comment, she won’t think she’s nuts for not liking it.

  31. helenviolette says:

    Great review Angela- and I couldn’t agree more :) I tried this last weekend and was huffing my wrist all night. LOVE it. It reminds me of Osmanthe Yunnan (sub tea with suede)- gorgeous. I must have a bottle (wish they would sell US those 30ml- grrrrr.) I think it is just classy and effortless- smells like a classic but modern. A beauty.

    I also tried Prada candy- and liked it too, but it annoyed me after a while…I could see how those who have to smell it all day would get over it. Always love your reviews- keep em comin:)

    • Angela says:

      I’ve got to give Candy a fair shake, but I know I’ll have to clear up some real estate for her and be patient.

      Yes, what about those 30 ml bottles?!

  32. Nile Goddess says:

    Wonderful review Angela, it compelled me give this niche-ish fragrance a fair try yesterday evening – and then couldn’t find this thread to comment. Where’d it go?

    Leather in fragrance always sounded wonderful as a concept except no fragrance I tried agreed with me, not even Kelly Caleche where the leather note is supposed to be so mild.

    Until last evening that is, when I tried Bottega Venetta and fell for it like a ton of bricks. :-D

    The composition comes across like a touch of Kelly Caleche, or maybe a very small drop of Lancome Cuir, in a vat of Guerlinade, perhaps with some Cologne du 68 thrown in? Still, I’m grateful for the wonderful note of apricot rounding the grating tannin of a new pair of leather gloves. My skin projects anything cedar-like and it sems like a healthy dose of lingering cedar over here too.

    Sephora are having 20% off everything until the end of the month and I am sorely tempted to invest in a 50 ml flacon of BV, but not until I’ve joyfully and without migraine worn my sample out. It’s a 50/50 chance. Once again thanks for reviewing this, as I only gave it a perfunctory sniff on paper one week ago, dismissed it on the spot and was not going to give it another chance.

    • Angela says:

      I’m glad BV agrees with you, even though it’s a leather. It sounds like you’re getting a lot of round, sweetness, and I know what you mean. I finally caved and bought the 50 ml bottle yesterday and am wearing it right now. You’re very smart to wait until you’ve used your entire sample. If it’s not love, why bother?

  33. katerina says:

    I smelled the BV today. It is nice but really I had the impression that I mixed up two of my perfumes, the Perles de Lalique with some Balencianga Paris!!!!

    • Angela says:

      That’s an interesting comparison! Well, it sounds like with a little mixing at home you can have your own BV!

  34. turbovivi says:

    I know it is the right perfume when I brought the sample home, and my very scent-sensitive husband did not hate it. No, he didn’t love it either – but considered that there are only about 3 perfumes that he doesn’t hate, it has the seal of approval (for purchase)!

    • Angela says:

      Who knows? Maybe he’ll come to love it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  35. cathy says:

    I came across this at El Corte Ingles in Barcelona. It is a fabulous scent. It now joins my two faves; Infusion d’ Iris and Balenciaga Paris.

    • Angela says:

      Nice find! I bet you end up wearing it a lot this winter.

  36. nycartist9 says:

    I sprayed this on today and it warmed up nicely..then settled to a gentle sueded apricot on my skin. It smells like the inside of my favorite Coach bag….ironically a plum suede one. This is a very nuanced and cozy fragrance, and I could imagine wearing it every day. On me, it’s a tad too sweet; as I prefer more citrus…but I tend to turn everything sweet. I’m so glad it’s not a smack you in the face perfumey perfume.

    • Angela says:

      BV definitely does have a sweetness to its warmth, and if your skin already amps sweet, it might be too much. I love your comparison with your Coach bag! I’ve heard people say they don’t get leather from it, but I think they’re looking for another kind of leather–something rougher and more obvious.

    • ChocolatEyes613 says:

      It is so funny that Bottega Veneta remind you of you Coach purse, because that was the first thing it reminded me of as well!

      It is a lovely perfume, one of this year’s best new releases. I love how it smells, just not sure I want to smell like my purse.

      • Angela says:

        I don’t want to smell like *my* own purse, but I wouldn’t mind smelling like an expensive, fine-grain leather bag!

        • ChocolatEyes613 says:

          I think I will look into Bottega Veneta again around a year, to see how I feel about it then. At $95 for the 1.7 oz, it is not cheap. Even though , I enjoyed wearing it, I just do not want to rush since I am not sure.

  37. ocarina says:

    I horribly regret that I cannot join in the raves. I went into the BV boutique in Sydney and sprayed a card. Sniffed it. Nothing. I must have missed the card. I sprayed it again. Nothing. Sprayed it twice more. Got a worried look from a sales associate. I thought I might have accidentally picked up a factice (dummy display bottle filled with colored water). The worried sales associate asked if I liked it, adding that he could “smell it from here”, about four feet away.

    I have never been anosmic to a fragrance before. But seriously, I could detect nothing whatsoever. So sad that it was with a fragrance that I was hoping to love.

    • Angela says:

      Oh no! It’s so strange–and alarming–not to be able to smell something. Once I actually did spray a factice by accident (or the SA sprayed the factice for me, rather) and my mouth dropped open when I couldn’t smell a thing. It was something to laugh about later, but a shock at the time.

      It will be interesting to discover what notes you’re anosmic to.

    • poodle says:

      Tried this yesterday finally. Sprayed the card, could barely smell it but it seemed nice. Gave my wrist two sprays because it seemed pretty light. Waited a moment for it to dry. Sniffed. Not much there. Though it was the scent of other fragrances in the air overwhelming it so hubby and I went out into the mall. Sniffed. Almost nothing. Had him smell my wrist. Same thing. Nothing. :( i know my skin eats fragrance but it was gone in as soon as it dried on my skin. Oh well, the search for the next FB contender goes on…

      • Angela says:

        Oh no! It’s loud and clear on my skin. I guess it’s money saved for you, though.

  38. stinker_kit says:

    Heartbreak city! This fragrance was so beautiful on paper but so disappointing on skin. The dry down reminded me of those pink aspirins for children. Glad I did not buy it.

    • Angela says:

      I remember those aspirins! Gosh, I haven’t thought about them for years. Now I’m dying to crack open a bottle and smell them.

      I’m sorry it didn’t work better on your skin!

  39. CynHunt says:

    I love this perfume. My bottle is almost empty. Many compliments are given when I wear it.
    It’s a favorite, along with Hermes Vetiver Tonka.

    • Angela says:

      It’s a true compliment to use up a whole bottle of anything! I really enjoy it, too.

  40. mercurygirl says:

    I still have to sniff and skin-test this one. I’m encouraged by your description and the fact that it’s by Michel Almairac, who was responsible for my favorite Bond No. 9 (West Side). I am hoping, however, that I will not sense the “vat of Guerlinade” that another commenter referred to, as I am not a Guerlain kind of gal at all.

    Thank you for sharing your boss’s hilarious “review” of Tom Ford Black Orchid, btw. I would pay good money to hear him pass along his helpful tip for removing fish-cooking odors to Mr. Ford himself in person.:)

    • Angela says:

      BV has some sweetness, but to me it doesn’t register as too Guerlainade. There’s plenty of soft patchouli, though.

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess my boss would love to tell Tom Ford just about anything!

  41. ggperfume says:

    Update: I bought this as a Christmas present to myself after ONE sniff! Risky, I know (almost as much so as buying unsniffed), but my first reaction was justified. It’s subtly delicious – and so wearable. It lasts beautifully on me, too. As a welcome extra, the handsome bottle (50ml edp) sprays a firm, fine mist, neither sloppy nor hiccupy.

    • Angela says:

      I’m glad it worked so well on you! It will be a good one for winter.

  42. Martitia says:

    Few new releases in recent years have worked on me, so expectations were minimal when I got my sample in October. Wasn’t floored, and DH said it was “old lady.” Hours later, we were both swoony fans. Dabbed some on my sister yesterday. Now we’re both ponying up for FBs. It’s amazingly well-balanced warmth and sweetness. I wouldn’t want it near me in the summer, but it’s a positively magnetic cold weather fragrance. Nice lasting power on me, and it leaves a delicious trail on clothes.

    • Angela says:

      It really is wonderful in cool weather. It sounds like BV will be a family fragrance for you!

  43. lise says:

    Ooooh, I really like this one, and it just keeps growing on me. I`ve got a little sample that I just need to keep in my purse and apply every now and then. Sadly, my husband cant stand it. He says it smells like an old, dirty woman. Silly man…. But oh well, I guess that means money saved.

    • Angela says:

      Sounds bittersweet, but as you say, money saved!

  44. dorrydolly says:

    Coming to this conversation so late…but I just sampled both versions of the BV and was overwhelmed by a sense memory of my grandmother. Any similarities between BV and Chantilly (the 60’s version) that anyone notices? I’m trying to figure out what scent this reminds me of that she might have worn, it’s driving me mad. She was a big fan of the Estee fragrances, too, but it doesn’t seem similar to any of those. Any input is appreciated!

    • Angela says:

      I wonder if it’s the patchouli in BV’s drydown that reminds you of something? To me, BV isn’t much like Intimate and not a whole lot like Youth Dew, either. Chantilly has a similar texture to me, but I’d hardly confuse it with BV. I’ll need to think on this!

  45. dorrydolly says:

    And i forgot – Intimate by Revlon, her other fave, along with Youth Dew. I read that this was a Goodwill find for you? Again, any feedback will help.

  46. ravjan says:

    This scent is gorgeous! And I couldn’t care less it says ‘for women’. It’s perfectly unisex and wearing it makes me feel like a million dollars. “Calm luxe” is a spot-on description of it. It’s so much better than the ‘pour homme’ thing.

    • Angela says:

      I agree–it’s perfectly unisex. I’m so glad you like it! It’s wonderful to find a fragrance you really love.

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