Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady ~ new perfume

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady

Frédéric Malle has launched Portrait of a Lady, a new fragrance marking the line's 10th anniversary. Portrait of a Lady was developed by perfumer Dominique Ropion.

Portrait of a Lady is a new breed of oriental rose, a baroque perfume. It is based on an accord of benzoin, cinnamon, sandalwood and, above all patchouli, musk and frankincense. It takes off with an excessive dosage of the best Turkish rose essence that Dominique Ropion linked to the rest of the formula thanks to a red berries and spice accord.

After hundreds of trials needed to balance such an excessive formula (Portrait of a Lady is undoubtedly the perfume containing the strongest dosage of rose essence and patchouli heart), a rare symphonic perfume appeared: a new oriental rose, a sensuous beauty that attracts people like a magnet, a modern classic: Portrait of a Lady.

Additional notes include raspberry, cassis, clove, ambroxan and white musk.

Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady is available in 50 and 100 ml. (quote via editionsdeparfums, additional information via tmagazine.blogs.nytimes, anothermag)

Update: see a review of Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady.

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  1. turbovivi says:

    Oh just when I think I’ve found my perfect Rose scent already… :(

    NOW I have to try this one.

    • Robin says:

      It’s definitely a must-try.

      • Dolly2 says:

        I may have to go back on my word of intensely disliking raspberries and white musk in fragrance to try this one.

        • Dolly2 says:

          I mean I can’t deny sandalwood!

  2. Tamara says:

    Crossing my fingers for this! Ever since my raspberry encounter gone waaaay wrong with Tauer’s URV, I want this to be beautiful on my skin.

    • Robin says:

      A new & exciting patchouli rose will be hard to pull off — there are so many! But if anyone can do it, they can.

      • ceelouise says:

        Yes, there are a lot. I really love Lumiere Noire and am planning to buy a bottle. I can’t wait to try this. I will have to try Une Rose again too.

  3. OperaFan says:

    Taming the lemmings may be futile for this one – Alas!

  4. FragrantWitch says:

    I am not generally a rose fan, and after participating in March’s challenge by wearing C&S 88, not too keen on chasing down a new rose scent. That said, though, they had me at baroque, cinnamon and sealed the deal with frankincense and clove! Must try.

  5. AnnS says:

    I normally love most Ropion fragrances. They are so complex and well blended. I’m just going to pretend like I hate this one so I don’t go into convulsive agonies. ;-) I just keep saying: I hate ambroxan, I hate ambroxan…. Eventually I’ll forget about it or go insane with lust!

  6. donanicola says:

    Based on its name I had in mind a fairly demure rose scent. I was wrong, oh boy was I wrong. This stuff is POWERFUL. Whilst I’m no rose scent lover I can appreciate that this is beautiful and goodness it has presence.

    • ptp says:

      From a purely artistic standpoint I really like the idea of this fragrance being strong and powerful, not demure and withdrawn or subdued.

  7. jaqsyd says:

    Ooooo. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it, Robin, and the rest of you. Sounds delicious to me.

  8. Absolute Scentualist says:

    Ooooh want!!! They had me at ‘oriental rose’ but that list of notes… *faints*

  9. maggiecat says:

    Must. Try. This. Soon. Swooooon….

  10. Na says:

    I want oriental rose!
    Loving the name.
    Famous perfumer.
    Must try!

  11. Joe says:

    Curious, of course, since Malle is one of my absolute favorite lines, but I’m a rose guy only rarely, so I’m not salivating.

  12. FOandW_oh_my says:

    No question, have to try. I cannot let a Malle go untried. The only part that gets me is the level of “presence”. Carnal flower has presence. So muc h so, it scares me.

    • Haunani says:

      I know what you mean. I love Une Rose, Carnal Flower, and Lys Mediterranee, but they all have too much presence for me to choose them often.

  13. Tama says:

    oooooOOOOOOoooooooo!!! I have been hearing little rumors about his but hadn’t seen the notes. Droooooling…..

    Don’t have a Malle yet – I was leaning toward Lys Mediteranee, but it was making me a little queasy the other day. Iris Poudre is a contender for sure. But if this lives up to itself, it might blow those out of the water.

    • FOandW_oh_my says:

      Tama, I love both of the ones you mentioned. I too am really looking forward to sniffing this new one.

  14. poppy field says:

    O.M.G. WANT!!!

  15. Kitty says:

    I can’t wait to try this. I keep saying I’m not a rose gal. Except for Lyric, JM Red Rose, and Andy Tauer’s Rose Vermille (on it’s way…) and now Portrait. So when I say I’m not a Rose gal – I’m lyin’!

  16. PekeFan says:

    I love Malle fragrances. They are so well executed. Lipstick Rose is one of the greatest rose scents out there IMHO. I also LOVE Voleur de Roses, so this rose and patchouli combo is definitely calling me – not that I’m a “Lady” per se…

  17. ElizabethN says:

    I can’t wait to try this, being a rose fanatic, not to mention those other notes. *wipes drool off chin* But I kind of hope I hate it, thanks to the price.

  18. nozknoz says:

    Just realized I have no FB from this line, but rather two or three travel sprays and various samples. Just looked at Ropion’s list and it’s truly amazing what he has done – from Amarige and Jungle Elephant to Carnal Flower and Vetiver Extraordinaire – you are so right that if anyone can do a new and exciting rose patchouli, it is Ropion and Malle!

    • Haunani says:

      Same here, nozknoz, several travel bottles and samples, but no big one. They’re expensive, but I really need to get a bottle of En Passant. That is fragrance from heaven, in my book!

  19. Santemon says:

    Oh, I have tried to love Malle fragrances but I have still yet to discover one that knocks my socks off and makes me want to buy a bottle. Blasphemy perhaps, but its true! But being a lover of rose, and a fan of Henry James’ wonderful creation Isabel Archer, maybe this is the one! Hmmm, maybe someone can be tempted to make A Room With A View inspired by Lucy Honeychurch – something with honey and incense (of course!), but as breezy as a Tuscan field in summer…

  20. TallulahRose says:

    Rose, raspberry and patchouli… hmm, sounds like my beloved Rose Vermeille… Has anyone actually smelled and compared them?

    “presence” sounds promising!

    (Oh, and I am definitely into roses… Une Rose Chyprée, Rose Vermeille, Paestum Rose, Her Majesty the Rose… )

  21. Rick says:

    I got a sample at Barney’s, and haven’t really worn it, but one thing I can say is that it’s amazingly tenacious. I sprayed a bit on my wrist Sunday night, and it’s now Tuesday afternoon (after two showers) and I can still faintly smell it

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