Esprit Imagine ~ new fragrances

Esprit Imagine for her

Esprit has launched Esprit Imagine, a new duo of fragrances for men and women:

Esprit Imagine for her (shown above) ~ A floral developed by perfumer Veronique Nyberg with mandarin, pink pepper, heliotrope, osmanthus, nectarine and musk. In 15, 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette and matching body products.

Esprit Imagine for him ~ An aromatic developed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux with bitter orange, coffee bean, lime, geranium, carrot seed, violet, iris, sandalwood and vetiver. In 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette and matching grooming products.


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  1. wilz says:

    Bitter orange with coffee bean? huhh?

    And how does carrot seed smell I have no idea!

    • Robin says:

      Orange + coffee sounds good to me!

  2. RusticDove says:

    The men’s weird combo of notes sounds interesting to me – & have to say I can’t ‘Imagine’ what it would smell like. Minus the pink pepper, the women’s notes sound like this could be pretty – forever searching for a floral to love. Liking the handsome bottle.

    • k-scott says:

      I totally agree about the ingredients in the men’s scent… Sounds like one I need to sniff just to see what coffee beans, carrot seed, bitter orange, violet, geranium, sandalwood, and so forth smell like together. An unexpectedly intriguing sounding scent. The womens on the other hand? Already yawning once I read mandarin and pink pepper.

      • boojum says:

        Yes and yes. Apparently they didn’t get the memo re: pink pepper. :)

    • Robin says:

      The men’s does sound fun.

    • meadowbliss says:

      Let me know when you find the elusive floral. I’m wondering if there is one for me.

    • meadowbliss says:

      RusticDove-that reply below is aimed @ you-the perfect floral–where is it? Did you like Bois d’Iris?

      • RusticDove says:

        I did LOVE the VC&A Bois de Iris – it’s awesome. And i should clarify, I do generally like rose and iris scents as far as florals go. But often they don’t seem ‘flowery’ to me, which probably makes no sense whatsoever. ;-) I tend to graviate toward Oriental, Chypre, spicy or incensy fragrances as opposed to something pretty in a flowery way. The only reason I don’t apply for a Monday Mail is that my search and request for help in finding my perfect floral is probably a little weird and confusing. LOL

  3. Lucy says:

    The men’s sounds interesting enough to seek this out. The women’s doesn’t though – the words “pink pepper” send me running.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t hate it, although I am tired of it.

  4. jonr951 says:

    Yeah the mens sounds very interesting. I hope I see it sometime. Ive never smelled or seen an Esprit fragrance anywhere.

    • miss kitty v. says:

      I didn’t even know Esprit was still around! I remember when I was 12 or 13 it was a big deal to have an Esprit tote bag. That time period is the last I remember hearing of them.

      • Jill says:

        I remember Esprit clothing being popular in the late ’80s. I had an Esprit jumpsuit sort of thing I wore all the time! Yikes.

        • They’re still online: I have a pair of Esprit shoes that I bought around 15 years ago… very well made, and still relevant: wood platform mary janes with an open toe in suede black. They sound really kooky, right? But they fit well, go with everything in warm weather and I get compliments every time I wear them.

          Anyway, I’m totally interested in the men’s – I wonder if the carrot seed will be grain-like. Interesting.

        • meadowbliss says:

          Lol here. I have an Esprit reversible jacket from about 15 years ago-it’s a cowboy motif on one side, red on other-always got lots of compliments-it’s very unusual and soft soft! I pulled it out yesterday b/c my sister still wears hers to walk her dogs–it’s worn out so she wants mine! My other sister stored hers. We called ourselves the ‘trio’ and were asked if we were triplets! Is it a reversible jumpsuit? hehe.

      • Sunnyfunny says:

        Oh my gosh, the ever-so-popular ESPRIT bag. I begged my mom for years for an Esprit bag, and she refused until they started to go out of style. Those and Keds. My mom and her aversion to labels. She did it on purpose, made me geekier than I already was in the name of non-conformity.

        • miss kitty v. says:

          My boss has an Esprit tote, no joke. When I first saw it, I thought, “Hey, I’m an adult and could buy all the Esprit bags I want now!” I’m embarrassed to say it’s tempted me. My mom didn’t let me have one either, though not for any reasons of principle. I got a hand-me-down one from a friend who ruined hers with an ink stain. So that was me, the goober with the ink-stained Esprit bag.

    • Robin says:

      I think the line is now much more popular in other countries than in the US.

      • Shelley says:

        Er. It is actually still sorta big here. =)

        • Robin says:

          Yes, but I think the perfumes, for instance, are more widely distributed in other countries.

      • zeezee says:

        Still going strong here. For as far as I can judge it has the same sporty-prepster status here as Abercrombie or American Eagle do in the States. Sort of one step above H&M.
        Have to say I’ve never been much impressed with their perfumes, though I liked the For my Dreams/Peace/Spirit/whatevs series as a pre-teen.

  5. laken says:

    carrot seed – carrot on steroids!. Very carroty, earthy.

    • laken says:

      (answer to wilz at the top)

  6. Flora says:

    I agree that the masculine one sounds more interesting, but I want to try the other one too – big nectarine fan, though it’s probably too sweet what with the heliotrope and all.

    • Robin says:

      Could be! I’m not likely to come across either.

  7. Jill says:

    Ditto … the men’s sounds more interesting to me too!

    • Robin says:

      That makes it nearly unanimous.

  8. Shelley says:

    Coffee & orange – sounds like that new starbucks drink to me. =p

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