Bvlgari Blv Eau d’Ete ~ new fragrance

Bvlgari Blv Eau d'Ete perfume

This month, Bvlgari launches Blv Eau d’Été, a new limited edition summer flanker for their popular Blv fragrance, originally introduced in 2000. The lighter scent is meant to appeal to a young audience.

The fragrance notes include mint, Italian lemon, amber, iris, cinnamon, benzoin and fir balsam.

Bvlgari Blv Eau d’Été will be available in 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette. (via moodiereport, luxury-insider)

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  1. CynthiaW says:

    The notes on this one sound interesting – but I already have a few light summer scents and I don’t know that I need this one. I’ll give it a sniff if I see it though.

    • Robin says:

      I’m sure I’ll give it a sniff too…

  2. RusticDove says:

    The notes DO sound better than anticipated after reading the sentence: “The lighter scent is meant to appeal to a young audience”. Bvlgari Blv is already pretty darn light though, if I remember correctly?

    • Robin says:

      It’s mid-weight, I’d say…and guessing this will be not only lighter but “fresher”.

      • abirae says:

        I guess I’m realizing that I wear mostly things at the lighter end of the spectrum. What would you consider a classic heavyweight?

        • Robin says:

          Classic heavyweight: Thierry Mugler Angel, YSL Opium, things like that.

          • abirae says:

            Oh yes, Opium is a ton of bricks. It reminds me of a pair of russet and gold colored velvet pants. Beautiful…on somebody else, but a total disaster on me.

          • Robin says:

            I like to smell a little dab of it now & then, but it isn’t really something I wear.

    • abirae says:

      I’m confusing this one with Blv II – the colors and bottles are pretty similar.

      I used to wear Blv and wouldn’t exactly call it light. There was some citrus levity but the dry down was that delicious roasted duck accord I love – anise, cloves, ginger, cumin, cinnamon and smoke. Yum yum. Blv II is completely different, and I think I may be anosmic to parts of it.

      • Robin says:

        The top of the cap is different, but yes, otherwise looks very similar.

      • Chanterais says:

        Roasted duck accord! Brilliant!

  3. boojum says:

    …and as proof that winter lasts MUCH too long, the sunlight dancing on the water in that fuzzy picture looks to me more like snowflakes. Of course, cinnamon, benzoin and fir balsam all sound more like wintry notes, too.

    • Robin says:

      I am so desperate for summer that I immediately thought: pool.

      • boojum says:

        It’s been snowing for the past 24 hours here…I can’t even begin to think pool. Here, we don’t much care whether the groundhog sees its shadow, because 6 more weeks of winter IS an early spring. :D

        • Robin says:

          Ack. We’re supposed to get snow later tonight too.

          • boojum says:

            At least it was the pretty snow that sparkles. And I feel much more kindly toward it, now that it’s stopped.

    • rosarita says:

      Oh, my goodness, so did I. It’s snowing outside my window right now, those big fluffy flakes.

      I like many Bulgaris but didn’t like Blu and can’t remember why not. The notes to this sound refreshing right now.

  4. Aparatchick says:

    Those notes sound interesting. I’m always looking for something refreshing for summer, so I’ll be sure to give it a sniff.

  5. Celestia says:

    Sigh! Would ad copy ever say that a fragrance is targeted towards an older audience? I also thought this looked like an eau d’hiver at first with the dappled background. Is there such a thing as a classic lightweight? Don’t care for cinnamon in my perfumes but if it’s well-blended this one could be okay.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, there are tons of classic lightweights! Eau de Guerlain, for one.

    • boojum says:

      Yes…but they’d call it “sophisticated”.

  6. Lovetosmell says:

    This sounds interesting I would love to try this.Maybe this will be similar to Ebba Miss Marisa( fingers crossed). I am rediscovering Bvlgari fragrances they are always very tastefully done.

    • Robin says:

      They do a better job than lots of mainstream brands.

  7. thenoseknows says:

    Yes, I think this is a Flanker to Blv II not Blv (the bottles are exactly the same except the glass is more transparent than in the Blv II bottle) It sounds So Nice! can’t wait to get a smell of it, Blv II was AWESOME itself, so this should be very good. have never been disappointed by a Bvlgar fragrance Yet!

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