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The American Line is a new series of officially licensed fragrances for men in the US Military (fragrances for women are reportedly in the works). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to military-related non-profit organizations.

Stealth (Air Force) ~ "A powerful yet tranquil blend of marine and ozonic accords accented by cheerful citrus and smooth warm musk, creamy coconut and woody notes." Additional notes include lemon, orange, lavender, mint, sandalwood, cedar and fir.

Liberty (Navy) ~ "Understated and sophisticated, this blend starts with a platform of aquatic notes and features supporting notes of cucumber, aloe, melon, moss and musks to add character."

Patton (Army) ~ "Soft and nutty coconut peeks out from behind a citrus opening of bergamot and lime and evolves into a sweetly woody finish with cedar, sage and hints of tonka bean." Additional notes include lavender.

Devil Dog (Marines) ~ "A fresh and invigorating fragrance that marries the rich, earthiness of agarwood, sandalwood and cedar with the juicy coolness of citrus and chilly mint accords." Additional notes include lime, orange, sugar, ozonic accord and vanilla.

Riptide (Coast Guard, shown above) ~ "Strong and masculine, this fine fragrance blend incorporates citrus, herbals, woody accords and a hint of spice to interpret a stormy and powerful ocean current." Additional notes include lemon, aquatic accord, orange, mandarin, lavender, moss, patchouli, amber and fir needles.

The American Line fragrances are $45 each for 100 ml Cologne, and can be purchased at The American Line website. (via press release)

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  1. pigoletto says:

    Perfume is clearly the new company logo ballpoint pen for this generation.

  2. ZenArcade says:

    My husband is a Marine Corps vet, and I think a cologne called “Devil Dog” would just crack him up!

    • Robin says:

      Would he want a bottle?

      • ZenArcade says:

        No, I think he’d find it silly. But he’s not much of a fragrance guy anyway. I’ve been thinking of getting him a bottle of something, but also wondering if that would be pushing my interests on him (like when someone gives you a book that they loved, but it has nothing to do with your tastes)!

        • Robin says:

          HA…yeah, there’s that problem.

  3. CynthiaW says:

    The name of the perfume, Devil Dog, wouldn’t put me off, but I spent many years in the Marine Corps and any scent that doesn’t have a leather, gun-cleaning oil, sweat, and gunpowder odor to it doesn’t have anything to do with the Corps.

    • Robin says:

      But this is supposed to make Marines smell *better* ;-)

      • CynthiaW says:

        lol – I actually thought that it sounded “okay” until “Additional notes include lime, orange, sugar, ozonic accord and vanilla.”

        Sugar? Vanilla? Ozone? Really?

        If they could actually bottle the smell of a Marine Corps base, they’d probably sell a ton of it for nostalgia reasons alone – I don’t know if anyone would wear it though.

    • alltheprettythings says:

      Yah, I grew up in a Marine family (air) and I think if they were to make a cologne, it should smell of leather, brass, flight fuel, iron, sweat, civet (ha!), earth and wool and booze, lots and lots of booze. ;)

      • See, I am so far gone, Alltheprettythings, that I’m reading your list of notes and thinking, “sign me up!” Jack Daniels and all…

        I love knowing there is a Marine Corps contingent on here. Changes my view of perfumistas. And of the Marines!

    • Joe says:

      Wow, the Secret Life of Cynthia! Who knew!?

      • CynthiaW says:

        I’m a mystery woman, that’s for sure. ;)

        I forgot about the booze accord – nothing so classy as rum though, it would probably have to smell of beer and Jack Daniels.

      • Daisy says:

        I know, you look at her gravatar and she looks so cute and sweet….

        • CynthiaW says:

          That’s Allyson Hannigan – who is pretty cute and sweet. I like to think that I’m pretty cute, but sweet I’m not. :)

          • Daisy says:

            HA! and here I was like “you know, Cynthia looks an awful lot like that girl from Buffy the Vampire slayer….” hahahaha now I know why I was thinking that. (that is the correct actress, yes?)

          • CynthiaW says:

            Yes, that is the right actress – we used to share a hair color (out of a box) and our eye colors are similar, but that’s about it. I wish I had her body, that’s for sure!

  4. Will they sell these at the stores on base? lol

    • Robin says:

      I’m sure they will!

  5. Seventy_Seven says:

    Wow, I can just see this being a hit on base…it’s right up there with having pictures of Tom Cruise from Top Gun taped inside your locker.

    One wonders if there will ever be applied in anything less than a full-on splash.

    • CynthiaW says:

      It’s got to smell better than Axe, right?

      • platinum14 says:

        PLEASE let it be better than AXE!

  6. Joe says:

    This isn’t the same licensing company as the university series, is it?

  7. miette769 says:

    I am in the Navy and will not buy in on this at all! Where’s the SALT? Or a fine hint of “Haze Grey” marine paint? Which I think you could pull off nice with incense and lavender, maybe. And the name Liberty alone makes me think of dirty city streets and a lot-o-booze… maybe even cheap leather and nasty cigarettes. Clearly these folks have never deployed. I love that the men and women in uniform have become a marketing ploy, how very American. :) Hat’s off!

    • Robin says:

      Hey, at least it’s an aquatic ;-)

  8. platinum14 says:

    You can now sneak up on the ennemy only to have your “officially licensed fragrances for men in the US Military” give you up!

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