Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J ~ new fragrance

Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J perfumeJuliette Has A Gun Calamity J perfumeJuliette Has A Gun Calamity J perfume

Juliette Has A Gun will launch Calamity J this coming November. The new patchouli musk scent will be fronted by Lou Douillon.

Calamity J is described as a masculine scent for women and "the fragrance of a dandy"; notes include patchouli, iris, musk and amber.

Juliette Has A Gun Calamity J will be available in 50 (75€) and 100 (98€) ml Eau de Parfum. (via fr.fashionmag, flavor-magazine)

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  1. Absolute Scentualist says:

    Oh! I love patch and musk, and a masculine feel to it all? This might be the first Juliet Has a Gun I really want to try!

    • Robin says:

      I’m sort of surprised by it…the “masculine notes for women” thing has already come & gone in mainstream. Maybe this will be an “edgier” version. Then again, I’m not a huge patch fan!

    • mals86 says:

      I had to laugh. “Patchouli and musk” and “masculine” shrieks NO NO NO NO NO!!!! to me.

      I do love Citizen Queen, and when my decant is gone I’m huntin’ up a full bottle.

      • Robin says:

        Sounds like Tom Ford White Pachouli to me: bet it will be dark but clean. We’ll see!

  2. Daisy says:

    Well, the notes are ALL WRONG…..J would have loved to have a bottle of something called Calamity J…..bummer….not a houseful of patch fans here I’m afraid.

    • Robin says:

      Patch is always so clean these days that it doesn’t worry me the way it used to. That said, not a humongous JHAG fan, although still haven’t smelled Midnight Oud.

      • miss kitty v. says:

        None of these have appealed to me, which is a shame because now that I see the acronym is JHAG, I really want to be able to say, “Why, thank you for asking, I’m wearing JHAG.”

  3. Caviglia says:

    Hmmmm. Not a patch fan myself, either. I don’t know why, but the notes list feels like something that Beadle Bamford in Sweeney Todd would wear. Slimy fellow.
    Although he’s already got his “secret,” “a touch of ambergris”…

    That said, I think I may try it anyway.

    • Robin says:

      I probably will too.

  4. Noahk says:

    I hope this will be better than any of the other scents from this brand. They havn’t done anything overwelming or interesting engough for me, to buy any. I think they’re look is a bit tacky and boring. And waaaay to pricy. But this one sounds a bit interesting. I look forward to it’s release in Denmark :)

    • Robin says:

      I thought the 1st two were nice, if not outstanding…did not love Citizen Queen though. I think all 3 have lots of fans!

  5. Joe says:

    Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman…

    Aye, but it sounds like I’d like it, too!

    Not really. I just had to make those comments. Sounds ok.

  6. Pimpinett says:

    Sounds interesting! A couple of these are available in a mainstream cosmetics chain here, to my surprise, hoping this one will show up too.
    The only other Juliette Has A Gun that I remember trying was not that memorable – Lady Vengeance, rather like a watered-down Agent Provocateur to my nose – but patch, musk and comparatively masculine all sound promising to me.

    • Robin says:

      Could be a fun scent, who knows!

  7. Noahk says:

    I just think they are to overprized for what u get! Boring scents! Lets hope for the new one, 2 be better, that it’s sisters…

    • Robin says:

      They’re very expensive, it’s true.

  8. krokodilgena says:

    wouldn’t a feminine men’s perfume be the fragrance of a dandy?
    and not the other way around

    • boojum says:

      Well, it says “and”, though. So maybe it’s gender bender sort of thing… for tomboys and dandies alike.

    • Robin says:

      You would think!

  9. jo says:

    i would love to try this one! alas, alas, alas, it is way too expensive……oh well………….

    • Robin says:

      Plenty more to try this year!

  10. Dixie says:

    I’ve not been a fan of this fragrance line, but these are some of my favorite fragrance notes-patchouli, iris, and amber-Mmmmmm.

    • Robin says:

      Might as well give it a shot then!

  11. plume says:

    I could’ve swore I read this company only did rose type scents — am I correct in assuming this is their first scent without rose?

    • Robin says:

      When they released the first 2, they said they were going to do 5 scents, all rose-based. They changed their mind pretty quickly because the next scent was Citizen Queen, followed by Midnight Oud. And this one makes 5, but guess they’re going to keep going.

  12. green girl says:

    I feel like I’m maybe one of the few patch fans here, but I actually love patchouli, the dirtier the better. I guess it just reminds me of college. . . but if this one would be close to white patchouli by tom ford I’m not interested. I’m in NYC so I usually have good access to these things. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I’m sure there are lots of patch fans. Wonder if this one will be dirty enough for you? I don’t love patch but even I find modern patch too clean sometimes.

  13. laken says:

    I love patchouli. This perfume sounds like it would be good for the very middle of winter.

  14. laurabird says:

    i realize I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I got a sample recently because on paper, it is everything I love-musk, patchouli, iris, vanilla…but I can’t smell anything! what’s going on? does anyone else have this problem with calamity j? is it because I’m dabbing, or it is a light scent, or is something wrong with my nose (eek!)? i’m so disappointed, i was hoping i’d finally found *the one*!

    • Robin says:

      I would guess that you’re anosmic to whatever musk aromachemical they’re using…

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