Nobile 1942 Cedro Atlas, Rosa Incantevole, Patchouli Nobile & Casta Diva ~ new fragrances

Nobile 1942 Cedre Atlas fragrance coffret

Italian niche line Nobile 1942 has launched eight new fragrances, including two themed trios comprising 3 fragrances each (Cedro Atlas and Rose Incantevole) and two stand-alone fragrances, Patchouli Nobile and Casta Diva:

Cedro Atlas (shown above) ~ a coffret set of 3 scents to be worn alone or layered: "All three fragrances are based around the essence of a wood from a tree in Northern Africa that grows upon the heights of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco: the Atlas cedar." The 3 Cedre Atlas scents are:

I Superhero ~ "Superhero is fresh, flowery and a little bit spicy. The first impression you get is from the lime and freesia that radiate positive energy. A surprise of peach and cinnamon awaits us and the finale is a strong chypre note composed of Atlas cedar, tonka beans and white musk. Superhero is ideal for a good start to the day, for leisure or sport and helps you feel fresh and relaxed."

II Cola ~ "Cola is full of energy and speaks for itself...Cola is a rich berry fragrance whose first impression is created by lemons and Brazilian oranges. Its heart is surrounded by a special note that our perfume expert Robertet defines: Cola, created with unusual and exotic notes: Lime – probably a combination of cedarwood and lemonwood – but the experts can’t agree. The finale is a sweet touch of white musk and notes of amber."

III Robinson ~ "The third fragrance really has the ability to make you unforgettable… It’s a woody and aromatic fragrance that greets you with a winning combination of three citrus fruits: Bergamot, lemon and orange. In the heart we discover aromatic notes of slightly “wild” rosemary that slowly gives way to a character-making notes of patchouli, Atlas ceder, Guaiacum, musk and verbena."

The Nobile 1942 Cedro Atlas coffret is 69€ for three 30 ml bottles, and like the others listed below, can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany. 

Rosa Incantevole ~ also a coffret set of 3 scents to be worn alone or layered: "There are three fragrances based on the Turkish rose also known as the Damask rose (from Damascus) which originated in the near east, but is mostly grown in Bulgaria and Turkey today."

I Julie Coeur ~ "This first fragrance will be your discreet companion. It will accentuate your presence with grace and freshness and bathe you in joy and vibrancy. A positive aura will surround you. In every situation. Julie Coeur has a charming melange of head notes based on bergamot, orange and mandarin essences accompanied by a few fruity notes of strawberry and melon." Additional notes include jasmine, lily, orange blossom, Turkish rose and white musk.

II Vanilla ~ "Do you remember all the old but also modern fairytales and princesses? Vanilla will be your sweet magical recipe, your glamorous side that helps you to fulfil all your dreams! Vanilla is fruity and rich with head notes of apple and bergamot. It then becomes warmer with cedarwood, cinnamon and coconut that ends in perfect harmony with vanilla and white musk."

III Rose Iris ~ "Rose Iris has a strong character on its own, but it radiates magical emotions as soon as it combined with fragrances I or II. If you have a "special occasion", this will be your secret fragrant weapon that will make you unforgettable!" The notes include rosewood, lily, iris, jasmine, Turkish rose, sandalwood, vanilla and benzoin.

The Nobile 1942 Rose Incantevole coffret is 69€ for three 30 ml bottles.

Nobile 1942 Patchouli Nobile fragrancePatchouli Nobile (shown at right) ~ "...a fragrance loaded with youthful energy that bubbles with enthusiasm and never ceases to amaze. For someone who fights for ideals, who risks all for love, who rebels against convention and who swims against the tide." With notes of citrus, white pepper, frankincense, patchouli, gaiac, cistus, jasmine, cedar, amber, oakmoss, sandalwood and tonka bean. In 100 ml, 90€.

Casta Diva ~ "In 1831, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan was host to the premiere of the opera Norma, by Vincenzo Bellini. The leading role of Norma, one of the most demanding roles in the world of opera, was in 1948 immortalized by the divine Maria Callas. She sings the famous Aria, Casta Diva, with the most beguiling of voices and casts the audience under her spell. A spell and an aria that were talked and written about for years after." Casta Diva features green notes, jasmine, ylang ylang, frangipani, osmanthus, neroli, oakmoss, amber, white musk and vanilla. It is available in 75 ml Colonia Intensa (80€) or 75 ml Fragranza Suprema (97€).

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  1. boojum says:

    Ohhh, the Cedro Atlas coffret is a huge instant lemming (even with the dreaded peach)! I’d almost buy unsniffed…almost. And I am NOT an impulse buyer. Even the bottles are oddly appealing…and the Casta Diva sounds worth checking out too, though the vanilla note seems out of place to me.

    • Robin says:

      The Cedro sounds nicest to me too…

  2. flittersniffer says:

    Rose Iris caught my eye – who doesn’t need a “secret fragrant weapon” now and again! Also the Diva, for those odd occasions when I am feeling diva-ish, or those even odder ones where I sing…

    • Robin says:

      The packaging on the trios is really nicely done, too.

  3. mals86 says:

    Awwww. Need the Julie Coeur (“young heart?”) for my teenage daughter… too bad they’re not sold separately. Anybody besides me find that 3-scent combo a little odd?

    And the Casta Diva sounds nice, too. (Maybe the vanilla is Deep Shalimar Sexy, boojum?)

    • Robin says:

      I think they’re sort of meant to be like morning, day, night…I like the idea, but it would be nice if they were sold separately.

  4. Suzanne941 says:

    “It will accentuate your presence with grace and freshness and bathe you in joy and vibrancy. A positive aura will surround you.” I need that — almost don’t care what it smells like!

  5. “Lime – probably a combination of cedarwood and lemonwood – but the experts can’t agree.”

    Well if *they* can’t agree…

    • Robin says:

      That gave me pause too…no idea what they’re talking about!

  6. RusticDove says:

    The two single perfumes appeal to me more, but the coffrets do seem like fun!

  7. Tama says:

    I hope to God these come to Luckyscent and they do a sample pack special!!

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think anyone in the US carries the line yet — will have to check.

  8. rosarita says:

    The notes for Patchouli Nobile sound great, but I need a nap just reading the enthusiastic copy.

    • Robin says:

      Yeah, they’re enthusiastic :-)

  9. krokodilgena says:

    omg III Robinson is named after me

    • Robin says:

      You’ll have to buy it then!

  10. Joe says:

    Ouch! Cedro Atlas is definitely NOT in the running for the nicest bottle post., IMO. Taaaaaacky.

    Patchouli Nobile and the Cedro set sound best, I’d say.

    • Robin says:

      Ack — I like them! We all have a different idea of tacky, don’t we?

      • Joe says:

        Hahahaha! Sorry! It can be said I’m definitely from the “less is more” school of graphic design. My idea of elegant bottles (certainly at the other end of the spectrum, and rather extreme) are Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums. I do also like Diptyque’s bottles and labels, if that helps. :)

        I’d like to know one thing about the Cedro though: what the heck is that “dice on a rope” thing wrapped around the middle bottle sprayer?

        • Robin says:

          Hey, don’t apologize — we all have different taste! But gracious, that is dice on a rope, isn’t it? HA! I thought it was just a ribbon or something.

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