Estee Lauder Pleasures Splash ~ new fragrances

Estee Lauder Pleasures Splash collection

Estee Lauder has launched the Pleasures Splash collection, a trio of limited edition, warm weather fragrances focusing on individual notes from the original Pleasures scent (1995).

Pleasures Baie Rose Peony Splash is "luscious and feminine". Update: "Baie Rose Peony Splash is a Fresh Floral scent that brings together the exotic spiciness of Baie Rose and the delicate beauty of Peonies. Tender and luscious, this floral wonder is built around the dewy Peony and subtle spice of Baie Rose. Delicate petals of Lily, Rose and Peony are gently wrapped with wet Green Leaves for a drenched-in-nature sensation, while Baie Rose and a Warm Skin Accord balance the feminine floralcy with soft sensuality and comfort."

Pleasures Sandalwood Amber Splash is "warm and sensual". Update: "Sandalwood Amber Splash is a Woody Oriental scent that blends the smooth richness of golden Amber with the warm creaminess of prized Sandalwood. Sensual and warm, this deep blend of Sandalwood and Amber instantly seduces you with its magic. Hints of Orange and Lemon add a zesty freshness, while Karo Karounde offers its intoxicating richness. Spikes of Pepper add vitality to the warmth and creaminess of Amber, Sandalwood and the nuzzly smoothness of the Warm Skin Accord."

Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash is "exotic and cool". Update: "Jasmine Violet Splash is a Green Floral scent that blends fresh Violet leaves with the rich floralcy of Jasmine. A composition of pure beauty, this Jasmine and Violet combination suggests sheer indulgence. Tuberose and Jasmine Petals are blended for an intensely exotic, yet weightless white floralcy, while wet, crisp Cucumber and velvety Violet Leaves offer their green freshness. Finishing it off is a touch of Carnation, which adds a cool spiciness and sense of mystery."

The Estee Lauder Pleasures Splash collection fragrances are available in 240 ml splash bottles with optional spray pump; concentration unknown ($52 each). (via esteelauder, later updates via press release)

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  1. LaMaroc says:

    I am *so* glad I’m not an SA anymore. My counter (Lancome) was right next to Estee Lauder and the EL SA and I used to have (playful) “perfume wars” with the new scents. I never used to have perfume allergies until I worked there. I think EL frags contributed to this significantly!

    • Robin says:

      EL scents tend to be strong…and these 3 I thought were well done, but VERY strong for things advertised as “splash” — should not think I’d splash them on, personally. Liked the jasmine one best, but all 3 were nice.

      • Joe says:

        I highly doubt I’ll be buying any of these, but that jasmine violet really does sound nice for some reason. I’m on a jasmine kick lately… jasmine vines are bursting out all over the place out here right now and it’s the scent I’m fascinated with most lately. I need to pull out my tiny vial of sambac absolute and sniff. Any other jasmine-violet scents I should know about? That combo seems intriguing and unusual.

        • Robin says:

          Joe, there must be another jasmine violet, but offhand nothing is coming to mind. Hope someone else will chime in.

          • Valkyrie says:

            What about Ormonde Woman Joe- black hemlock, jasmine, violet combo.

          • Robin says:

            Good call!

  2. hotlanta linda says:

    How similar are these to the `Pleasures in the Garden` trio from yore?? All I`ve of these is a mini trio w/out much of a description!

    • Robin says:

      Sorry, I never tried the “in the garden” so I have no idea.

  3. Oana says:

    My first real perfume was Estee Lauder Pleasures which I bought in France, Lille city. Since then I admired it and I love to have a bottle of it with me all the time. Then I purchased Pleasures Exotic, Limited Editions and so on and on and on. But none of it replaced the original Pleasures and now it’s funny to see how many more of Pleasures is coming out. I guess this is not the last series.

    • Robin says:

      Pleasures is really a great scent, and I think they’ve done a better job than most on the flankers. Would guess you’re right though…this isn’t the last!

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