Pucci Vivara Variazione ~ new fragrances

Pucci Vivara Variazione perfumesComing from Pucci next March will be Vivara Variazioni, a trio of new flankers to last year's Vivara fragrance for women. The three fragrances are meant to represent sea, sand and sky, but the scents themselves are intended to be seasonless.

Vivara Acqua 330 ~ in blue, with violet, jasmine, frangipani and musk. [Acqua 330 is a marine floral developed by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Louise Turner.]

Vivara Sole 149 ~ in yellow, with tomato leaves, jasmine and vetiver. [Sole 149 is an aromatic floral juice developed by perfumer Michel Girard; additional notes include galbanum and patchouli.]

Vivara Sabbia 167 ~ in orange, with mandarin, lemon, iris and sandalwood. [Sabbia 167 is a powdery floral developed by Annick Ménardo.]

Pucci Vivara Variazione Acqua 330, Sole 149 and Sabbia 167 will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. (via fdstyle, fr.fashionmag) [Updates above in brackets are via wwd]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember you liked the original Vivara bottle, right R? I didn't think it was all that, but I'll take one of these yellow ones, please. I'd also be REALLY interested in smelling a combo of tomato leaves, sambac, and vetiver. Hmmm… 49€/50ml… wonder if they'll ever make it to the US.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yup – that Yellow is very intriguing! I actually like Vivara, it's one of those pungent perfumes that I can actually tolerate. And even I was shocked!

    So a flanker with tomatoe leaf sounds delightful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey robin, weren't you saying a million years ago that you'd love to see a series of the vivara bottle but in different colors (and fragrances). im intrigued by the yellow one. tomato leaves. sounds refreshing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOVE that bottle, and these look great too. Too bad I hated the juice. Will certainly try these…I like the sound of tomato leaves too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will be interesting to see how closely related these are to the original juice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Probably — I really think these are great bottles. Hope I'll like them better than the original…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I too am intrigued by the tomato leaves – the stem of a fresh tomato out of the garden is absolutely the smell of sun to me!

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you enjoy that scent, you should get a sample or decant of CB I Hate Perfume's “Memory of Kindness.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks – I need to put in an order of a couple things there – I'll add it to my list.

  10. Anonymous says:

    2nd the recommendation of Memory of Kindness — great stuff if you love the smell of tomato plants.

  11. alltheprettythings says:

    I have the Acqua, and sad to say, I don’t like it. It’s salty and creamy and reminds me of Omnia Jade (Bvlgari) in a not-so-good way.

    • Robin says:

      Too bad — that’s a darned gorgeous bottle!

  12. RusticDove says:

    I just received a sample trio of these scents with a Sephora order. [Really neat packaging in a little canvas pouch.] Today I’m wearing the Vivara Sabbia [the orange one] and it’s pleasant enough. It’s a ‘meh’ for me. They’re all interesting on paper. I do look forward to sampling the others.

    • Robin says:

      I’ve still only smelled them on paper…thought they were all nice but not that special. But gosh I love those bottles!

  13. jonr951 says:

    while i like them all, of the 3 i would choose acqua. with sole a close second. sabbia is fine too. but gosh i really want all the bottles! i might have to give in 2 one of them!

    • Robin says:

      I liked Sole the best, but didn’t try any of them on skin.

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