Le Labo, Anderson Cooper

Now, just 18 months after opening, fully half of Le Labo’s customers are men, and Rose 31 is its best-selling fragrance. What is even more surprising to Mr. Penot, as well as to others in the slow-to-change men’s fragrance market, is how one group of guys in particular, young men in their 20s, is shaking up the hidebound (and hide-scented) formulas that have held sway for decades.

— From Younger, and Faster to Pick Up the Scent in today's New York Times.

We recently revealed that Tom Ford asked Anderson to become the spokesperson for a new cologne he's creating that he wanted to name after Cooper, but Anderson turned him down. Anderson told his fashion maven mom Gloria Vanderbilt about the offer and she LIKED the idea and pushed her son to give it some more thought.

— What the world needs now: an Anderson Cooper fragrance. The quote is from Janet Charleton's Hollywood, found via TowleRoad, found via Ruth (thanks!).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn't Etro Misto Bosco a roomspray? And Bois d'Orage is not available yet, is it? Or at least it wasn't 2 weeks ago. And about “Tom Ford’s complex (and pricey) fragrances are among the store’s [Bergdorf's] hottest sellers”…you know I am the biggest fan…but…that was the emptiest section of the BG beauty level, two days in a row on a busy weekend. Of course the appearance of complete abandonment might be misleading. :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    M, never heard of the Misto Bosco, and don't think BdO is on the market yet, but nor have I checked.

    Did read in WWD that the TFPB scents are selling better than projected. Given the prices, maybe they don't have to sell big volume to be among BG's “hottest sellers”??

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link to the Times article, R. I love that our dear Karl mentioned Basenotes and Sniffapalooza. And I wish I'd been there at Aedes to see that 6-year-old boy “buying” a bottle of Royal Water! Next he'll be asking Mommy to get him a Montale for his seventh birthday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That's a good point about the price! Although Guerlains aren't cheap either and there was activity there…but of course Guerlain sells face care and make up too, so…Another favorite of mine, the section with Chanel Exclusifs was very empty too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOL — don't think my 8 year old son will be shopping at Aedes any time soon ;-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    True. I always wonder if companies list as “best sellers” whatever they think needs more promotion, LOL. I'm still dumbfounded that Chanel says Coromandel is the best selling Exclusif.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I will confirm your suspicion here by saying that yes, sad but true, often what a store decides to push as a “bestseller”, they are pushing because it has been designated a so-called “focus item” – i.e. a product that the store has decided in advance is one that they want their sales associates to sell a lot of. Whether fragrance companies themselves do this also I can't say…but I worked as a fragrance sa for awhile, and I can tell you that stores certainly do! (Department stores, that is. Small boutiques are generally more focused on helping the customer find what they really like) We were given usually two scents every month- a men's and a women' s- and expected to sell those in much greater volume than other fragrances. A very common ploy enlisted by the managers was to “tell everyone that it's a best-seller!” Needless to say, I didn't enjoy working there very much!

  8. Anonymous says:

    That can't be any fun to do, so not surprised you didn't enjoy it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know that Gloria Vanderbilt was Cooper Anderson's mother!

  10. Anonymous says:

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