Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy ~ fragrance review

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume advert

Midnight Fantasy is the fourth and latest fragrance release from Britney Spears, and is meant as the sexy, late night ("a mysterious realm of temptation and intrigue") follow-up to 2005's Fantasy. It was created by perfumer Caroline Sabas, and the notes include black cherries, framboise, plum, orchid, freesia, iris, musk, amber and vanilla. The bottle (see it here) is the same as Fantasy's, done up in dark blue.

If you were expecting a darker, warmer take on Fantasy's medley of cupcake and sweet fruits, Midnight Fantasy may come as something of a surprise. The top notes, like those of Fantasy, are largely candied fruits, and as has been pointed out numerous times on MakeupAlley, it smells an awful lot like grape Kool-Aid. Thankfully, it calms to a more palatable (if still relatively sweet) berry-ish sort of mixture fairly quickly. The heart notes add an entirely anonymous blur of sheer florals, and the base is velvety but surprisingly pale and clean: I waited for something va-va-voom, but I waited in vain.

The original Fantasy did not strike me as a particularly sexy fragrance, but Midnight Fantasy is even less so — once the burst of fruit settles, it is comparatively bland and lacking in personality. It is is easily my least favorite of the line so far. It didn't even make me laugh (thank you, Paris Hilton Heiress).

Midnight Fantasy is an Eau de Parfum; the 50 ml bottle is $45 and the 100 ml bottle is $55. If you have your own web page and would like to display your allegiance, there is (I am not making this up) a Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Countdown to Valentine's Day widget available for download via the Britney Spears Beauty website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm surprised there's only in her fragrance advertisings that Britney looks correct, or let's say 'seductive'. Whenever I see a tabloid cover, she's worse and worse. Fat, divorced, depressive, apologizing or what else….

    Poor Britney

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is true, she looks so pretty in the ad, and so utterly horrible whenever you see her in the news. Hope the money is some consolation…

  3. Anonymous says:

    While I have and wear Fantasy on occasion, I simply could not stomach this new one. I get blueberry and just plain boring and yucky.

    • rose555 says:

      I have it and at first i thought it was too strong but it grew on me. But your right, the blueberry bottom notes are kinda bland

  4. Anonymous says:

    Britney's like a jack-knife truck accident in progress. But what is it about food and fragrance these days? My shower has Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon Bun shower gels, Walnut body scrub, Mango-Vanilla shave cream. There's the Brown Sugar-Fig body lotion, the Cucumber-Melon hand cream, and the Serendipitous EDP that's vaguely chocolat-y. Is it any wonder I have difficulty resisting foodie temptations in watching my figure?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds fairly inoffencive, although probably super-fruity. Meh.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't have the same appeal as Fantasy, agreed!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere once that lavender fragrances are supposed to help curb the appetite, if that is any help — it looks like the gourmand trend is far from over!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I kind of liked one of them (Curious In Control?) but can't keep them straight in my mind! This one I will be staying far away from.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Ambroxan. This is the only shot of Britney in which she looks sexy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    …Because we all want to smell like Britney when she's out on the town. You're one brave soul ;-)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can't keep *any* fragrances straight in my mind any more, LOL…really, 500 a year would be plenty. 700+ is just way too much.

  12. Anonymous says:

    LOL — it is true, she usually looks considerably worse for the wear & tear.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “The top notes, like those of Fantasy, are largely candied fruits, and as has been pointed out numerous times on MakeupAlley, it smells an awful lot like grape Kool-Aid. Thankfully, it calms to a more palatable (if still relatively sweet) berry-ish sort of mixture fairly quickly.”

    For a moment there I thought I was reading a review of one of the numerous super rich heavy hitting Serge Lutens orientals :p

    Seriously, when will Britney learn that she has joined the ranks of the has-beens ?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I misread the advertising blurb as “temptation and fatigue” and promptly got so tired I lost all interest in the scent (and will probably never re-gain it….)

  15. Anonymous says:

    LOL — those are fighting words, at least for the SL fans :-)

    Does she not sell music any more? I never followed her career so wouldn't know if she was a has-been or not.

  16. Anonymous says:

    LOL…temptation and fatigue are the most likely combination at my age anyway :-)

  17. Anonymous says:





  18. Anonymous says:

    Aw, I didn't think we were all that hard on her, but that is very kind of you to come and defend her. You're quite right that none of us is perfect…and without makeup is about the only way you'll ever see me :-)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Really, I'd describe this fragrance as a train wreck on the wrist, it's awful but for some unforknown reason, you can't stop smelling the darn thing. In my case I think I was getting creme brulee (which seems to be getting rather brutally reinterpreted here lately) out of it, and my blood sugar was low and I was feeming for some!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ah, creme brulee is *way* better than what I got, lucky you!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Contra to my believe, I actually purchased a big bottle of this perfume. I thought I wouldn't like this perfume from what I gathered from the reviews, but this turned out to be exactly the kind of sweet and fruity perfume that my perfume wardrobe lacked and that I've always wanted to find. Granted, my sweet 16 had long gone and I probably should enjoy something that smells a little more “sophisticated” or mature. But I'm very youthful and cheerful person, and Midnight Fantasy is perfect for a relaxing afternoon at the beach or Sunday breakfast with my boyfriend. This perfume also has great staying power; the scent lasted way longer then some designer perfumes I've used. I regret buying some of the perfumes I own but this is definitely not one of those.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like it then, and enjoy wearing it :-)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Nahhh….it's a lovely scent.

    Exciting and bright opening notes, which perfectly suit the name of this fragrance.

    My one complaint is that the blueberry emphasis is what you wind up with and you lose some of the music of the other elements.

    And again, love the bottle so much that I enjoy displaying it.

    I do prefer her other two scents more, however. And now considering her recent personal demons, is there going to be any more scents forthcoming? I hope so.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think it all depends. She could easily turn her life around, I should think, and remain just as popular as she is now — but if things continue on their current course, hard to believe that Elizabeth Arden will bother with another. I have heard that Midnight Fantasy was not as big a seller as they expected. No idea if it is true, though.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I heard the same as well concerning the sales of this one. To be honest, her personal life aside, I prefer her other two scents to MIdnight Fantasy. Well, I certainly hope for her sake and especially her children's sakes that the treatment she receives is effective and she does a turnabout.

    It has and can happen, Mariah Carey springs to mind, and hopefully this will be the case with her.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Howdy. We are not ' Putting her down” or 'Making her look bad'. She is doing a FANTASTIC job all on her own. I say, go hide under a big rock of Cocaine and do us all a favour. Get completely smashed and give up on her long gone career of a not so good singer in the first place. She can keep with the perfumes, cos she doesn't make them. She just puts her pathetic 'Britney Spears- Out of Control' I say, name on the bottle.

    And yes, I don't think I am better than her. I know I am, cos I am very happy and content with my lot in life and look good for my age with or without make up – SO THERE!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Oh no, this was an immediate head shake on me (much like the others, I'm afraid to say). It might be exciting to a young girl (and at 26, I'd say I'm even out of the target audience…as is Brittany) who is going out for an evening. However, I'd sooner suggest Theirry Mugler's “Alien” to somone who is enraptured with “Midnight Fantasy” : It has all the overwhelming sweetness, yet with a hint of dryness and pistachio. “Midnight Fantasy” smells so much like a one-note wonder, that it never develops into anything—you wait for the resoultion but it never comes.

  28. Anonymous says:



  29. Anonymous says:

    I take back the “young girl” comment–taste is subject and isn't always dependent upon age! Young people can also have very sophisticated tastes…and people my age, can sometimes make sweeping generalizations—even though they should know better (is that generalizing, as well ;D?)…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but I think the Alien, smells like FLY SPRAY…

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is hard never to make sweeping generalizations about perfume, isn't it? Of course everyone has their own taste, but some perfumes are so obviously geared towards the young, and some aren't.

  32. Anonymous says:

    It IS a very bizzare scent–the container even looks like some sort of strange bug :D! However, I think it would appeal to the ladies who like to wear “Midnight Fantasy” during evenings out. I just think “Alien” has a bit more character than “MF”.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Oh–you're good…the perfect conflict resolutionist! Thanks for the generosity–I sheepishly accept it! ;D

  34. Anonymous says:

    when i sprayed this on, the initial scent was lovely. it does smell like blackforrest gateux, hence the cherry in it. The dry down wasn't that nice though, perhaps a little sickly coz i was smelling it all day!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sorry you didn't like it — I didn't either.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of Britney, and I really just feel sorry for her with everything going on at the moment. I've never had any interest in her other perfumes. However, I got my first sniff of a Britney perfume when I smelt one of my housemate's wearing Fantasy. I liked it, but not enough to want or need to buy it.

    I was browsing the perfumes in the leadup to Christmas and happened to try Midnight Fantasy. To my surprise I REALLY liked it! I'm a big fan of the really sweet smelling perfumes, with some favourites being Echo Woman, Violette Angel and Armani Mania which I think are all quite sweet. I ended up getting the MF 100ml giftpack with the lipgloss and jewellry box. I really really love it, and those who have smelt it on me really liked it as well. Maybe it works well with my chemistry?

  37. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree Midnight Fantasy is not the best of BS perfumes but I won't say it's the worst because I don't find it to be the disaster many proclaim it to be. It could have been more original in the name and certainly a different bottle but oh well. As for the scent unlike Fantasy which in my review for it on this site I said reminds me of strawberries MF reminds me of dark grapes sort of like a wine with body. It's a more sexy scent than Fantasy which is more about carefree youthful fantasies whereas Midnight Fantasy goes to the sexier side of them. It's ok but if you want a BS perfume that is sexy I recommend In Controll.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Which would you say is the worst?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well the thing is I don't think any of them are bad. But here how I rank Britney's perfumes in order of preference:


    In Controll


    Midnight Fantasy


    And the only reason I put Curious last is because it is way too light. Guess that because I like my perfumes to be a medium heaviness.


  40. Anonymous says:

    I think that out of all the celebrity perfumes out there, Britney has done a great job with her scents. I'm very picky about the perfumes that I buy (they're so expensive so I have to make sure I like everything about it), but I bought a 1.0 fluid ounce bottle of Midnight Fantasy at target for $28. I love everything about this scent. It's very warm, sweet, and yummy! The bottle is so beautiful, too! A lot of people on here have said that it reminds them of grape kool-aid, but to me this scent has an uncanny resemblance to Aussie's Moist shampoo.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I have not smelled that shampoo, will have to look for it!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Out of all the Britney fragrances, this one and Curious In Control smells the best on me. I didn't like the others. I wore Curious In Control and drained that bottle, then got Midnight Fantasy, though I'm half-way through it, I got a little sick of the gourmand, foodie, sweetness. It was just too much. I may give it to my neice or little sister. I don't personally purchase “celebrity” perfumes, just whatever smells the best on me. With Love by Hilary Duff was by far worse than any Britney fragrance. It smelled like rancid icecream on me.

  43. Anonymous says:

    LOL at “rancid ice cream”!

  44. Anonymous says:

    This is my personal favorite out of all Britney Spears' perfumes. But it's very strong on me, even if I only spray once, so I don't wear it daily. So, it is my special perfume :) And I love the bottle with the sparkling diamonds.

  45. Anonymous says:

    It really is strong stuff. Glad you love it!

  46. Anonymous says:

    This ad is absolutely beautiful. I agree, whenever you see her, she looks like a crackhead. {Sorry Brit}. But I'm totally gonna support her & buy this fragrance.

  47. Anonymous says:

    She does look great in the ad, anyway.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I was doing some Christmas shopping at Kohl's tonight, and happened upon a big sale on perfume sets. The first thing I happened across was Midnight Fantasy, and just absentmindedly sprayed some on my wrist. I was BLOWN AWAY, and that is a miracle in itself. I've never found a fragrance that made me do a double-take once it was actually on my wrist. I've smelled MF before, but was never too enchanted…but it totally works with my body chemistry! I really think I've found a new “special occasion/when I want to feel pretty” scent. It also has great lasting power, it's now 6 hours later and I can still smell it on me. I have to wear heavier, rich scents (Bath and Body Works Black Currant Vanilla anyone?), or else they fade into oblivion. My mother noticed it right away, and loved it. I feel so lame that my first “omg YEEESSS” fragrance (I'm 21 btw)was by freakin' Britney Spears, but alas, whatever works right? :)

  49. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely whatever works, yes! And so glad you found your first “OMG” scent.

  50. Anonymous says:

    That's exactly how I felt when I first smelled it – most stuff is too floral or too musky for my tastes, but this just blew me away.

    I was fairly embarrassed by the Britney Spears thing too – but I got so many compliments on my perfume I stopped caring! It really is a lovely lasting scent, and the bottle is gorgeous.

  51. Anonymous says:

    i'm kind of shocked by all the comments saying that this perfume smells too much like candy or kool-aid. i tested it out yesterday and it doesn't smell at all like candy too me. it was miles better than the first fantasy in my opinion and i would definitely buy it.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Well, obviously we all have different tastes! Glad you love it.

  53. scarlett_flesh says:

    I think this is what the sugar plumb fairy would smell like.

    • Robin says:

      And is that good or bad?

  54. jonr951 says:

    its back on macys website. weird. maybe its a mistake.

  55. jonr951 says:

    just cuz its been gone for so long. i didnt think flankers came around for a second time.

    • Robin says:

      Possibilities are endless: if it sold very well, perhaps they made another production run, or perhaps they’ve just sent more of the unsold bottles over to Macy’s, etc.

  56. Just me says:

    I don’t know who comes up with these reviews, but I think we shouldn’t make judgements on just ones taste. I think we are all different, you might like mellon scent on your body, I hate it, but it doesn’t meen it’s bad. I really like midnight fantasy, I was looking for a scent like this for a long time. I can’t stop smelling it! I love it, so I think if someone is wondering to buy it or not, you should just smell it first, and decide based on that, and not on someone’s review. I like the scent, and it has nothing to do with the Britney, I’m not liking the scent because of her, but because it has that sweet berry “taste” , smell to it. Try before you buy though!

    • Robin says:

      Yes, obviously everyone should make up their own mind — that is true with any review of anything in the world.

  57. jonr951 says:

    Robin you were right about this hot mess of a scent! I can’t stand it anymore and I have 4 full bottles of it still! I never really adored it but only bought it because it was from Britney and I adore her. Shame on me! It’s a good thing I never paid full price for a bottle. I’d be hitting myself if I did. Sorry B but Midnight is a no no for me! Her worst scent and probably one of the worst out there. What were they thinking?! And it’s still around! I’ve boughten probably 10+ bottles from Marshalls because all my little cousins, aunts and friends adore it! I’ve boughten midnight more than I’ve boughten any other scent. Never again though! I don’t care if they want another bottle, I am never getting it for anyone again! : )

    • Robin says:

      Oh, so sorry that you have so much of it and don’t like it now! Give the rest of it away…

  58. jonr951 says:

    Yeah I’ll probably just give a bottle to 4 of my little cuzins. As much as I don’t want to smell it on them. : )

  59. jonr951 says:

    Midnight is back on Why I don’t know. They need to bring In Control back. After Fantasy, it’s my favorite from her. No they’re tied. : )

    • Robin says:

      Probably they just made more! I can’t remember if I ever smelled In Control or not…

  60. Caseya7x says:

    Midnight fantasy is a very sweet delicious scent. Probably the second best in the fantasy line, Fantasy will always be the best then midnight fantasy, circus fantasy, and then hidden. It still has the same base notes to fantasy which is like vanilla, amber, and musk, but instead of it smelling really sweet and cotton candyish and exotic it smells more like berries. Now, I would not say it smells like grape cool aid, but it is a lot darker that the other fantasies if you like to wear berry perfume i would recommend this, smells very similar to secret wonderland by bath and bodyworks. In my opinion. Great perfume. Not my favorite though I would rate out of ten this perfume is a 7 1/2 . Hope this helps ;D.

  61. nelleeflamboyant says:

    Just me who loved it then? :D
    I seem to remember it smelling fizzy, like sparkling lemonade. Plus the bottles gorgeous. Im a fan of the original fantasy (which ive not run out of) but I think I prefer this one. If I have a bit of spare money i may invest and buy a 30ml or 50ml bottle.

  62. gangurogeisha says:

    I was surprised when a friend told me that she had been given this perfume as a gift, because I thought that it had been discontinued.

    • Robin says:

      At the moment it’s back, albeit in mass market rather than prestige.

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