Friday scent of the day 7/29

Pantone Limpet Shell and Peach Echo

Happy Huesday on Friday! Our community project for today (with apologies to the Pantone haters): wear a fragrance inspired by Limpet Shell (“A shade of aqua that leans toward the green family, Limpet Shell is clear, clean and defined. Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its crisp and modern influences evoke a deliberate, mindful tranquility.”) and/or Peach Echo (“The fashion and design communities, and consequently, consumers, have been in love with orange for several seasons. Coming to the fore this Spring is, Peach Echo, a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. It is an all-encompassing, tempered companion in the playful orange family.”) Huesday was suggested by TheGoddessRena and Olenska.

What fragrance did you pick? As always, do chime in with your scent of the day even if you’re not participating in the community project.

I went with Bvlgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu but I’m not entirely happy with my choice…

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Monday scent of the day 7/25

Krizia fashion campaign 2015 2016

It’s Monday again, and the last one in July…the summer is going quickly! What fragrance are you wearing?

I’m tired after being woken by an impressive thunderstorm very early this morning. Luckily we did not get hail again, as we did on Saturday afternoon. I’m waking up with Krizia Uomo, lightly applied (we’re expecting another scorcher here today).

Reminder: on 7/29, we’re doing Huesday on Friday…

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