The Different Company Le 15 ~ quick fragrance review

The Different Company Le 15

Time flies, and niche brands proliferate. The Different Company turns 15 this year, which makes them nearly antediluvian in perfume time. They’re marking the milestone with Le 15, a new “mystical composition” inspired by palo santo, the South American tree used as an aromatic incense, and believed by some to have medicinal and sacred properties.1

The opening is gorgeous: bright citrus and petitgrain grounded by a fair dusting of nutmeg…

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5 perfumes: appreciating the Big Five

Like much art, some fragrances — especially the complex classics — take time to appreciate fully. At first, you might even find them off-putting. But as you spend time with each fragrance, you begin to appreciate its peculiar nature, its singular beauty. That describes how I’ve felt about the perfumes I’m calling the Big Five.

I’ll tell you a little about my relationship with each fragrance, then I’d love to hear how you’ve come to know each of them.

Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5

For the longest time, I was convinced I knew all about No. 5. No. 5 was fine, full of straw-tinted jasmine, awash with aldehydes, and charming, if fusty. But it wasn’t for me — or so I thought…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Cat find a new perfume

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Cat wants our help finding her fall 2015 perfume – she’s says she’s been moving towards a “daily wear seasonal model” and has come up short for this time of year. The weather where she lives is still too hot for traditional fall fragrances, but she want something beyond greens or florals, which are too spring-like. She’d like to keep the cost below $250.

Here is what we know about Cat:

She’s in her 30s and she lives in the desert.

She works in a semi-conservative office.

She loves yoga, hiking (when it’s cooler), reading and luxury handbags…

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Top 10 Fall Fragrances 2015

yellow leaf

It’s mid-September, and I’ve been flipping through various beauty-and-fashion magazines to keep up with things. I’ve been particularly struck by all the “New Season, New Scent” headlines. I know, I know — this is how the fragrance business stays in existence, yet this autumn I’m craving comfort and familiarity far more than novelty.

Looking back five years (!), I’d still wear most of my picks from my Top Ten Fall Fragrances of 2010, but I’ve also made a few “new” favorites since then. Here are my very personal picks for the months ahead.

I’m looking forward to an off-season seashore getaway soon, and I’ll be packing Diptyque Florabellio

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