Friedemodin Vertine, Jardin Mystique, Rosee de Nuit, Feu Follet ~ short perfume reviews

Friedemodin brand image

Friedemodin is a relatively new independent perfume brand created by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin (get it?), “two friends united in London by [their] fascination and love of perfumery.” The first Friedemodin collection, Jardin Mystique, is designed to evoke the scents of a garden from dawn to dusk. The four fragrances in this collection — Vertine, Jardin Mystique, Rosée de Nuit and Feu Follet — were developed for Friedemodin by perfumer François Robert.

Moving from lightest to deepest: Vertine, a fresh green fragrance, includes notes of peppermint, basil, galbanum, fig leaf, tea rose, cedarwood and musk. For me, at least, it’s hard to see the name “Vertine” and not think of Balmain Vent Vert, the classic green galbanum fragrance…

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5 perfumes: citrus for cold weather


Longtime readers know I am not a fan of cold weather. Early fall, when it’s crisp and sunny, is ok I guess, but I can do without the rest of it. So, naturally, I live in Pennsylvania. Supposedly, this year we’re in for a particularly harsh winter, and if the temperature the last few days is any indication, the doomsday warnings might be turn out to be true.

Of course, you can combat cold weather in the traditional way, with woods and spices and vanilla, but sometimes, a blast of citrus, with its reminder of warmer days, seems a better way to thumb your nose at the ice crystals forming on the windows. So in the spirit of denial, here are five citrus fragrances you can wear to stay cheerful as you struggle to get the snow blower going…and of course, do add your own favorites in the comments!

Guerlain Shalimar

Let’s start right off with the big guns, shall we…

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My Review Philosophy: What I Write About, What I Ignore…and a quick poll

I’ve often sat at my desk surrounded by 50 or more perfume samples and thought: “I don’t have anything to review this week!” How could I think such a thing? (I don’t take this ‘dilemma’ too seriously, and completely understand if you’re thinking: “Who CARES?”)

Anyway, I have NOTHING to review this week so decided to write about reviewing. If this seems a dull topic, perhaps you’ll read my candle reviews next week?

Here’s my process for deciding what to review (or not):

Good Scents

If I come across an interesting-quirky-unusual or beautifully crafted perfume — even if it’s not that original — or a fragrance that showcases a favorite ingredient of mine in a wonderful/new way, no matter its maker or price, I review it…

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Rochas Audace ~ fragrance review

Rochas Audace advert, 1970s

Last Friday I was leaving Powell’s when a street fashion photographer asked to take my photo. Now, I’m not a particularly fashionable dresser. That afternoon, I was wearing a variety of clashing plaids — a Pendleton skirt and a jacket from a Western wear store in Oklahoma among them, both culled from Goodwill — and a 1940s floral silk scarf. (I will point out that my boots were pretty great, though.) “Me?” I asked the photographer. “This?

“I like the crazy mix,” she said. “It works.”

That’s how I feel about Rochas Audace. On paper, it reads like a strident jumble of notes. On skin, it works…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Liz find a new fragrance

Pink post

It’s been a good long while since we’ve done a Monday Mail…I hope some of you still remember the drill! Today we’re helping Liz, who is in law school and wants to find a “grown-up” fragrance that she can wear regularly. She’d prefer something with decent lasting power. She can pay around $100 and has reasonable access to stores, but is overwhelmed by the offerings she finds in the mall and is subject to migraines from some scents.

Here is what we know about Liz:

She’s in her late 20s.

Her personal style during the week is feminine and conservative, but on the weekends she’s usually in jeans and a t-shirt…

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