5 perfumes: incense fragrances for summer

Incense sticks

It’s almost August…for many of us, the really hot summer weather is just around the corner. Citrus fragrances often carry me much of the way through the humid late summers typical of the East Coast of the US, but last month I looked at some spicy fragrances suitable for summer wear, and today I’ve got five incense fragrances that work well on steamy days when anything too heavy will make you wilt before lunch. Do add your own picks in the comments!

L’Artisan Passage d’Enfer ~ arguably the quintessential summer incense…

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Guerlain L’Homme Ideal ~ fragrance review

Guerlain L'Homme Ideal advert

No harm to the models (a paying gig is a paying gig)…but the print and video ads for the new Guerlain L’Homme Idéal1 are so daft! Believe me girls, there is nothing shocking, surprising, “dirty” or revelatory inside that bottle! (Maybe they’re just happy about the bottle, which everyone in Perfumeland seems to love.)

Guerlain hasn’t released a men’s pillar scent since 2008′s Guerlain Homme; and I just realized the last Guerlain men’s pillar scent I bought (recently) was 1992′s Héritage. Though I appreciate perfumer Thierry Wasser’s reformulations of Guerlain classics (and can’t wait to smell his sought-after Terracotta Le Parfum), I’ve never bought a Wasser perfume creation (which means nothing, except he and I have different styles/tastes)…

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Perfume: on smelling your age

Yves Saint Laurent Paris advert

Are certain perfumes better for people of certain ages? Short answer: no. Aside from toddlers smelling like they’ve emerged from a bordello (and I believe Pampers has avoided this faux pas so far), no.

That said, some fragrances definitely ring the bell of a particular time in life, and it pays to be aware of the vibe your fragrance puts out. Since trends have buffeted perfume just as they have hairstyles and hemlines, women who hit their stride during a certain era might still cling to a scent that was fashionable then, even if they’re otherwise up to date on style.

For instance, aquatic fragrances were all the rage in the early 1990s. Women who still wear Issey Miyake Eau d’Issey smell squarely middle-aged to me. A waft of Yves Saint Laurent Paris is a tip-off, too, that its wearer came of age in the late 1980s, early 1990s…

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Tim McGraw Silver ~ fragrance review

McGraw Silver cologne for men

Yesterday we reviewed Faith Hill True, and now it’s time to move on to her husband and Tim McGraw Silver. I liked McGraw by TimMcGraw and thought Silver was worth a try.

Silver is our only masculine offering of the week. What makes a particular fragrance “masculine” to you? For the most part, I ignore the distinction between feminine and masculine fragrances — except in the case of a fougère.1 Something about their in-your-face quality, how they’re so often over-applied, the short leap between many and Drakkar Noir moves a fougère far, far from a woman’s dressing room. Silver is an aromatic fougère…

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Faith Hill True ~ fragrance review

Faith Hill True

What does a “clean” fragrance mean to you? Answers usually fall into one of three categories: citrus, aquatic or laundry musk. Faith Hill True combines all three of these types, and, surprisingly, the result is a fresh, easy perfume that isn’t as Cleaning Lady as it sounds.

True was launched in 2010, and was the second Faith Hill fragrance. Its notes include yuzu, mimosa, lily, gardenia, woods, sandalwood and musk. I thought the original Faith Hill was a pretty, nicely made floral — a great find in the drugstore. Since I reviewed the very first celebrity fragrance, Elizabeth Taylor Passion, yesterday, it seemed fitting to review a more recent celebrity fragrance today…

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