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He turned niche into mainstream

The appeal of the indie and niche fragrance market still had yet to reach the mainstream consumer then, both in terms of mind and wallet share. This was a time when designer fragrances were flourishing (Narciso Rodriguez For Her and Euphoria Calvin Klein both received Women’s Prestige Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2006) and the popularity of celebrity scents was at an all-time high. While people like Frederic Malle and Serge Lutens were first to blaze a trail with niche fragrances, Ford was arguably the first to take artisanal fragrances and grow them on a significant scale. He turned niche into mainstream.

— Women's Wear Daily writes about the Tom Ford beauty behemoth, which is "expected to hit $1 billion in sales by 2020", in Tom Ford Beauty: Lauder’s Next Blockbuster. Look for a bunch of products celebrating Black Orchid's 10th anniversary this summer, including a solid perfume in Velvet Orchid and a Lalique edition of Black Orchid.