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A nice cup of tea

“But I live in an area where people like holistic approaches, so I typically recommend a tea solution for sweaty feet,” she says. That requires soaking bad-smelling feet in strong, cooled, brewed black tea for 30 minutes every day for seven to 10 days, and then once a week for maintenance. “The tannic acids dry out the sweat glands,” she says.

— Dr. Jane E. Andersen of the American Podiatric Medical Association talks about how to deal with stinky feet. Read more at Why Do Some People Have Inescapable Foot Odor? at The Wall Street Journal.

It’s so overwhelming

Grant has always been deeply aware of smells. Cheese and chocolate he finds offensive: “If I’m at a dinner and the chocolate and/or cheese comes out, I will literally go to the bathroom until that course is done.” He detests the cacao, vanilla-influenced fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler: “It’s so overwhelming if I smell someone wearing it even from a distance I move away.”

— Richard E. Grant hates Angel but loves Kai. Read about the creation of his own fragrance line at Richard E. Grant’s Sensuous Obsession, at the Observer.