The smell of the baking cake

But best of all, those with a sweet tooth could try the one-woman opera Bon Appétit! by Lee Hoiby: adapted from a classic Julia Child cookery broadcast, it requires the singer to bake a chocolate gateau on stage. When the mezzo-soprano Emma Curtis performed it at the Bloomsbury Festival recently, her audience could first enjoy the smell of the baking cake, then eat it at the end. It was even gluten-free.

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The giant in the forest of tree-shaped automotive air fresheners

Little Trees, the giant in the forest of tree-shaped automotive air fresheners, trounced a small rival in a trademark suit in federal court in Manhattan on Thursday. A jury found that the other company, Exotica Fresheners Company, had infringed on Little Trees’ trademark with the look of its product.

— The payout:  $52,000. Read more at Familiar Tree Prevails in Car-Scent Trademark Suit at The New York Times, and do see Angie's review of the Car-Freshner Little Trees.

Notches on the bedpost

These affairs – always flings, rarely long-term, never exclusive, amicable break-ups – have included old-school classics (Robert Piguet’s Fracas), insider favourites (Byredo Flowerhead) and everything in between. My conquests have been so numerous that, if translated to notches on the bedpost, even the most liberal might raise an eyebrow. Needless to say, I am a perfume lover. Recently, however, my nose caused me to question this because, somewhat inexplicably, all the scents I adored became anathema to me.

— Funmi Fetto writes about her promiscuous relationship with perfume in Is it time to divorce your scent? at The Telegraph.