Crazy about cinnamon

But the more esoteric smells—orange, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon—were hits, too, even though wild sea lions are unlikely to find themselves in situations that smell quite so Christmasy. Particular sea lions even picked favorites. “One individual, Sage, was crazy about cinnamon. Just absolutely crazy about it,” says Samuelson.

— Dr. Mystera Samuelson of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi talks about aromatherapy for sea lions in rehabilitation. Read more at Sea Lions Are Surprisingly Receptive to Holiday Spices at Atlas Obscura.

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A better-smelling version of Charlie Brown’s Pig-Pen

Hiro Clark and Le Labo scented T-shirts

I received my “I Woke Up Smelling Like This” T-shirt in the mail and the scent was so strong I could smell it through the box and the plastic bag it was wrapped in. Although I felt a bit like a better-smelling version of Charlie Brown’s Pig-Pen when I wore the shirt consecutive days without washing it, no one seemed to notice. Friends leaned in for more lingering hugs than usual, while telling me that I smelled “fantastic.”

— Hiro Clark and Le Labo are back with more T-shirts scented with Le Labo Santal 33 (you can see the 2015 editions here). Read more at Ignore Basic Hygiene and Still Smell Good Thanks to This Perfumed T-Shirt at New York Magazine, or buy the shirts ($128 each) here.

Make Merry Mischief

A holiday video from Jo Malone. (Warning: more product wrapping, less mischief than the title implies.)