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The ultimate fresh, clean laundry smell

It’s described on the site as “addictive,” and the “ultimate fresh, clean laundry smell with rich tones of the West.” For those of you wondering exactly what “the West” smells like, it’s less In-N-Out Burger and more “crisp and powdery notes with undertones of sandalwood, leather, and amber surrounded by spice, patchouli, and musk.”

— Singer songwriter John Mayer developed a new laundry detergent and fabric spray in collaboration with The Laundress (with 50% of the proceeds going to the Montana Association of Land Trusts). Read more at Laundry Aficionado John Mayer Put His Name on an ‘Out West’-Scented Detergent at People, or pre-order the product here.

Those ever-demanding Millennials

Where in the past the fragrance industry was terrified of launching more than a single fragrance at a time for fear they would cannibalize one another, the new strategy — at least at the artisanal end of the market — is to introduce a collection of anything up to 10 scents at once. The switch is, naturally, being driven by those ever-demanding Millennials, who are no longer satisfied with a single, signature fragrance but instead want a family of scents that they can personalize to make their own, or mix and match depending on their mood, the particular day of the week or even the time of day.

— Women's Wear Daily pins the blame for fragrance collections — launching 3 or 5 or 10 fragrances at once — on Millenials, noting also that "the modern revival of fragrance groupings became more widespread with the launch of the Tom Ford brand" (the Private Blend collection debuted in 2007). The article is premium content, but if you have a subscription you can read more at Fragrance Companies Hope Collections Will Satisfy Demanding Consumers.