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Fun with bath products

From Lush, "The Experimenter". Filmed with a Phantom Flex 4K (ultra high definition) at up to 1,000 fps; Lush suggests you view this video in 4K (adjust settings to 2160p) and wear headphones. It's pretty fun even if you don't.

Whisky-scented tweed

Johnnie Walker + Harris scented tweed

Heriot-Watt University in Scotland has developed a fabric for Harris Tweed and Johnnie Walker that promises to “permanently give off the smell of whisky.” Most scented fabrics are guaranteed to retain their fragrance for a set number of washes only…

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Not a Chanel flower

"If there is a bunch of tuberose in the room it’s either the bouquet or me," says the Frenchman with a smile and a shrug. "It has an invading crudeness. The same with mimosa. It’s very strong. And it’s not a Chanel flower."

— Perfumer Jacques Polge, quoted in The making of Chanel No.5 at The Telegraph.