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Still covered in Eau Sauvage

But the real memory that was very important for me is, I was at boarding school, playing a lot of sports, as one does. And I must have been about 12, and was still covered in Eau Sauvage. You know when you run and sweat? That sort of smell of, I suppose, myself and the perfume, it was something that I realized then was addictive. And then when I was trying to desperately become a playboy -I was 15 – my mother had some products sent from the States to study, and one of them was Halston Z14. [...] I thought, Wow, this is damned good. I used that stuff for years. First of all, I was probably the only one is Paris who owned it at the time, and I thought I was so goddamn special wearing it. It was the first overdosed use of Iso E Super.

— Frédéric Malle, quoted in Frédéric Malle on the Art of Seduction at W Magazine.

Smells like you

In the study, six male and six female donors provided odour samples without fragrance, wearing their own fragrance, and wearing an assigned fragrance. Then 296 female and 131 male participants - average age mid-20s - were asked to choose, which ones were from the same individual. Psychology PhD researcher Caroline Allen, of the University of Stirling and lead author of the report, said participants matched a person's body odour with their chosen perfume "at above chance levels".

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