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Bela has added 75 new sound files to her wonderful Frag Name of the Day site. I've embedded one below — Terre d’Hermès Eau Très Fraîche — but there are 1173 more, and you can quickly find the brand you're interested in by using the tags on the right column.

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Adding an extra layer to the smellscape

Egner’s personal favorite haunted scent experience was another bait-and-switch scene: as visitors approached a dimly lit table, they could smell roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and see dishes piled high with food—which turned out, on closer inspection, to be cured hog guts and other viscera. “I’m sure that we ruined somebody’s Thanksgiving that year,” Egner told me gleefully.

The Soap Factory does make visitors sign a waiver before they enter the Haunted Basement. “It’s intense,” Egner said, adding that, most years, one or two patrons vomit during their visit (requiring a sanitary cleanup and adding an extra layer to the smellscape).

— Lillian Egner talks to the New Yorker about the use of smell in The Soap Factory's annual Haunted Basement in New York City. Read more at The Smell of Death.

Planning ahead

Nearly 80% of men who make fragrance purchases plan to do so ahead of time, and two-thirds of them also know what brand they plan to purchase according to the 2014 Men’s Fragrance Track Report issued by The NPD Group, Inc.

— From the latest NPD Group report on fragrance usage by men; read more at A Man and His Cologne at Happi.

We’re craftsmen

Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne introduces her perfume line. Among other things, she takes credit (or blame?) for introducing oud into the perfume industry. A little over 9 minutes.

Monkey man

Model Benjamin Eidem in the new ad for Michael Kors for Men. There's blue water, abs, kissing, a plane, a helicopter, a fast car, a perfect downtown apartment, a sexy girl, retro-chic sunglasses and a beach with palm trees (not necessarily in that order). Plus Mick Jagger singing. If only they'd added a big cat (or a snake, or both), it would have every cliché necessary to successfully market a new fragrance for men. Alas, they forgot the big cat.