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One repellent confection

[x] is every brassy “gourmand” cliché rolled into one repellent confection.

In short, [y] is an expensive version of a cheap perfume, like one of those little town cars offered with a burl walnut trim option for snobs.

[z] is the sort of fragrance that restores one’s ebbing faith in cost-no-object perfumery.

— From Luca Turin's latest review at, which covers Dior Fève Délicieuse, Guerlain Bouquet de la Mariée and Elie Saab Essence No. 2. See if you can guess which sentence is about which fragrance...

Marinate some chicken

"What's in it," I ask? "We got some vanilla," he says. "We got some chocolate. We got some cognac, some clove, sandalwood, cedar and bergamot. I'm making it for my girlfriend," but "I don't know whether I should marinate some chicken in it first."

— Elina Shatkin talks to a member of the Institute for Art and Olfaction's Smelly Vials Perfume Club. Read more at Koreatown's Institute for Art and Olfaction — perfume for the people at KPCC.

One of the aoud pioneers

Dove was one of the aoud pioneers (it can also be spelled "oud"), launching the first of his smoky fragrances in 2011. Other best-sellers, such as Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Intensa d’Oud, didn’t come to the market until a year later. Tom Ford’s Oud Fleur was launched in 2013.

— Read more at Roja Dove, 'the nose', on creating a Western aoud cult at The Telegraph. Tom Ford, of course, launched Oud Wood in 2007, and did M7 for Yves Saint Laurent in 2002. I was personally so sick of the avalanche of oud scents by 2011 that I started the please-no-more-oud tag that very year.