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African elephants have the most genes related to smell

Compared with 13 other mammal species studied, African elephants have the most genes related to smell: 2,000. That’s the most ever discovered in an animal—more than twice the number of olfactory genes in domestic dogs and five times more than in humans, who have about 400, according to research published July 22 in the journal Genome Research. The previous record-holder was rats, which have about 1,200 genes dedicated to smell.

— Read more at Elephants Have 2,000 Genes for Smell—Most Ever Found at National Geographic.

A-list men are crazy expensive

1. B- and C-list male stars sell scent better than A-list male stars;

or 2. A-list male stars do not see it as a good idea to sell scent;

or 3. A-list men are crazy expensive, and brands do not think men’s fragrance is a big enough sector to merit the investment, so they have slid down the pay scale.

— The New York Times tries to figure out the relative star wattage required to sell men's vs women's fragrances. Read more at The Strange, Revealing Case of Gerard Butler, Fragrance Model. Hat tip to Kevin!