The tradition of rose cultivation is fading

Despite the steady rise in demand from a global fragrance industry worth almost $40 billion, Turkish output has declined for two decades and the tradition of rose cultivation is fading. A shrinking population - true for much of Turkey's rural communities amid rapid urbanization - prefers to raise less labor-intensive products, like cherries and peaches for export, said rose growers. Aging rose bushes are another culprit.

— Read more at Turkish rose farmers struggle to keep tradition alive at Reuters.

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I want to be an old lady

The audience then filed back into the lobby for a dinner of asparagus, quail eggs, shavings of truffle, filet mignon and lobster potpie. Cooling herself Karl Lagerfeld-ishly with a paper fan, Ms. [Linda] Evangelista said she is a big fan of white flowers. “I want to be an old lady,” she said a little wistfully.

— From a report on the recent Fragrance Foundation awards, no longer known as the Fifis. Read more at The Oscars of Fragrance: The Perfumed Envelope, Please at The New York Times.