Moschino Fresh Couture


Three of the items from the Moschino Spring 2016 capsule collection. At left, the Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette short dress, $415, and the Fresh Couture backpack, $795. At right, the Fresh Couture phone case, a more reasonable $95, but already sold out. All sold at Moschino. (The actual Eau de Toilette is rumored to follow, or else it’s all an elaborate joke, who knows…)

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How to be notified when new posts are added to Now Smell This

Now Smell This used to send out daily emails so readers would know what new posts had appeared here. We stopped doing that in early 2014, and at that time I recommended a couple email services as possible replacements. One of those, FeedMyInbox, is apparently not working for everyone lately, so here are a few alternatives.

If you’re using a wonderful app or newsreader we might not know about, do comment…

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3 teas from Kusmi ~ (not a perfume) review

Kusmi Anastasia, Jean Paul Gaultier tin

It’s been a good long while since we’ve talked about tea other than as an aside in the scent of the day polls. I used to post on the subject more frequently (even though I am no more an expert on tea than I am about perfume), and especially about green teas, which were my staple drink during the day. Those cups (not telling how many, let’s just say quite a few) were interspersed with heavier bursts of caffeine from the occasional latte. I’ve since had to give up coffee entirely, and not surprisingly, my collection of black teas has increased accordingly. I hope to do a post on Earl Grey teas soon, but today I’m concentrating on three black teas from the Russian-inspired French brand Kusmi, which as it happens was the subject of my last tea post

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