August in Paris

fashion images, Palais Galliera

Next week I’ll have a review of Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum for you, but I’m not ready to review anything today. Although I’m spending a few weeks in perfume’s heartland, Paris, I’m still getting my feet on the ground.

When I told people I’d be in Paris in August, I got a lot of “no one’s there in August except tourists,” and “isn’t everything shut down then?” Sour grapes, my friends. The truth is that Paris is wonderful in August. Sure, every street corner holds a few people unfolding maps, and a glance down the Champ de Mars shows dozens of tourists lined up for the camera pretending to pick up the Eiffel Tower while the diesel engines of rows of tour buses rumble in the background. But the mood is relaxed. People are here to enjoy themselves…

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Farting fruit

A little bit of silly, from Mr Sketch Scented Markers. The ad was made by BBH New York.

The Lanvin Murders by Angela M. Sanders ~ book announcement

The Lanvin Murders by Angela M. Sanders, book cover

I can guess what you’re thinking: Angela has finally lost it and has taken a hatchet after the executives at Lanvin who discontinued Scandal. Tempting, but not quite. Instead, I’ve written a mystery novel in which a couture Lanvin coat plays a central role. Here’s the back cover copy:

All Portland, Oregon, vintage clothing store owner Joanna Hayworth wants to do is turn her back on the modern world and retreat into a carefully curated life of satin cocktail gowns, icy martinis, and old movies.

But when Joanna finds a key in a 1930s Lanvin coat cast off by an ex-showgirl, everything changes…

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Coming up this weekend…

...with apologies for the very short notice (I managed to confuse the date of Memorial Day weekend), this weekend we'll be having our second Freebiemeet (you can see the rules here) and our fifth annual Haiku challenge (you can see last year's here, but it's pretty simple: write a haiku about a perfume).

Our next Freebiemeet will be in January 2015. This fall, we'll be holding another Splitmeet (September) and Swapmeet (October).

Questions? Do comment.

Scented food necklaces


Scented necklaces made with polymer clay and sterling silver fittings, in a variety of food shapes and fragrances. $23-$28 each at Tiny Hands, where they also have scented rings, bracelets, cellphone straps and bookmarks. (found via foodbeast)