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The Different Company Lumiere & Wood candles ~ home fragrance review

The Different Company candles

I haven’t bought many scented candles this year, and those I have bought are old favorites I’ve already reviewed. Recently, I received small-sized candle samples from The Different Company, and I liked almost all of them. I really enjoyed Lumière (from the Collection des Rêves) and Wood (from The Modern House line).

Lumière was developed by perfumer Delphine Jelk and lists orange blossom, ylang-ylang and white musk as major ingredients. Lumière is a semi-sweet, white floral-scented candle with the accent on creamy orange blossom (that sometimes veers into “almost-tuberose,” then “almost-edible” territory). During its gourmand phase, Lumière reminds me of pastry made with a dash of orange flower water…

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Say goodbye to the scented candle

Say goodbye to the scented candle. Scent branding has moved into the living room.

While decorators, fashion designers and celebrities have been using candles to brand themselves at least since the late 1990s — Sir Elton John once lent his name to scented rocks — it was less than a decade ago that hotels began using cold-air technologies to scent their public spaces. [...] Before long, the most unlikely places were being scented.

— From What Good Taste Smells Like, about scent diffusion systems for home use, at the New York Times.