That’s one for the books

Models Gigi Hadid, Trevor Signorino, Alan Jouban, Louis Solywoda and Filip Sjunnesson, plus a cast of fighters (Nic Thompson, Travis Conover, Adam von Rothfelder, Lukasz Grabowski and Levi Morgan) in a campaign for Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue, shot by Bruce Weber. Warning: men in wet Versace underwear, plus, needs more kittehz.

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Versace Eros Pour Femme ~ perfume review

Versace Eros Pour Femme, fragrance packaging

The short version: Don’t bother.1

The long version:

“The customer who wants something Versace,” she says, “wants what Versace stands for.” — Donatella Versace2

Anyone who participates in the damage polls here knows that Donatella Versace has a thing for perfume. Of course, she’s also a businesswoman. The modern Versace fragrance line emphasizes the “business” part more than the “thing for perfume” part, which might explain why so few perfumistas want something Versace. I did think Versense was pretty good, and I still have some fondness for The Dreamer, but the rest of the line is a generic blur to me. Is there a Versace fragrance you love? Do comment…

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