The bacon scented t-shirt

Bacon tee from Skymall

From Skymall (where else?), the Bacon Scented Ink Men's T-shirt, which promises "a crispy bacon scent from up to 6" away". The scented ink lasts through about 20 washes. $28 at Skymall. (found via ohgizmo)

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Scented coin purses!

Firebox coin purses, macaron and doughnut

From Firebox, scented coin purses in macaron (chocolate, orange, mint or strawberry), doughnut (original, chocolate or strawberry) or Belgian Waffle (original, chocolate or strawberry; not shown). The tag line: ‘Because you deserve batter’…

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Bubbles containing the scent of sausage rolls

We've heard a lot lately about the bursting of the tech bubble, but scientists at Bristol University believe their bubble technology could have a profitable future. Their system for producing bubbles onto which images can be projected and which release a scent when burst will be unveiled at a major conference on human-computer interfaces this weekend.

[...] The professor imagines a future where a bakery chain releases bubbles containing the scent of sausage rolls to entice people into their stores...

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