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Otherwise all she smells of is fish

We might order what I consider to be the world’s best bouillabaisse, although some argue that another restaurant, Tetou, takes that prize. It’s in a fancy shack on the beach near Cannes and the cousin of the owner sprays herself with Giorgio Beverly Hills, which is terribly strong. I have tried to get her off it, but she says that otherwise all she smells of is fish. Still, her bouillabaisse is a close second to Bacon. About midnight, I go back to the house to have a few glasses of white wine and smoke my favourite cigar, a Montecristo No 3.

— Perfumer Thierry Wasser of Guerlain outlines his perfect weekend for How To Spend It; read more at Thierry Wasser’s Côte d’Azur. (found via Monsieur Guerlain at Facebook)