Holiday fragrance gifts 2014, part 7

Our second-to-last holiday gift post for 2014 includes stocking stuffers and cheap thrills. Our final post, hopefully tomorrow, will be the luxury edition.

Dana Tabu, four sizes

From Dana, the classic Tabu Eau de Cologne, in a number of sizes, all affordable: 15 ml for $5.99, 35 ml for $11.50, 90 ml Violin bottle for $19.99, or 75 ml “Nostalgia” bottle for $18.50. At Dana Beauty

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Lulah Peony & Tamarind Ginger ~ scented body product reviews

Lulah Peony

Lulah is a new “fashion-fragrance brand” from Thymes. It’s aimed at a younger female shopper than the original Thymes line, and it offers “a fresh, flirty, fun assortment of strikingly luxe aromatics and skin-enhancing ingredients.” The Lulah line includes body wash, body lotion, body mist and hand cream, all available in four scents: Peony, Magnolia Fig, Vanilla Orchid, Citron, and Tamarind Ginger.

I’ve sniffed all five scents and I’ve sampled Peony and Tamarind Ginger in the Body Lotion and Body Mist, and I can see how Thymes has tweaked its approach to fragranced body products for young women in their teens and early twenties. Overall, these scents seem brighter and often sweeter than some of my “regular” Thymes favorites (like Filigree or Moonflower or Azur), but they’re nicely done, and their various “personalities” are presented in a lively way on the Lulah website.

Peony (shown at top) is the “pretty” one of the group…

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