The Different Company Oud Shamash & Oud For Love ~ fragrance reviews & a quick oud poll

The Different Company Oud Shamash & Oud For Love

I’m not vexed by (more) oud perfumes hitting the market…I’m bored with perfumes that proclaim their oud affiliation on their bottles: oud-this, oud-that — Oud! Aoud! Oudh!

If a fragrance is heavy on orange blossom or cedar or sage we usually don’t see those ingredients listed on labels ad nauseum. Perhaps the only other ingredient besides oud that is as advertised in perfume names is rose. So: when I hear an announcement of another oud fragrance, I don’t frown or sigh, I give it a try. Just this year I fell in love with, and bought, Diptyque’s Oud Palao.

The Different Company could not resist the tide of oud-named fragrances, and has given us TWO…

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5 perfumes: vetiver fragrances for fall

vetiver wreath

This is the second of my seasonal posts for vetiver (I’ve already done a list for summer), and as always, the line between the seasons is perhaps a bit arbitrary and/or personal: some of these fragrances wear just as well in summer or winter, and some of them work perfectly fine all the year round. But certainly any of the five would work just fine for autumn weather. As always, do add your own picks in the comments…

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Up for grabs: The Different Company De Bachmakov

The Different Company De Bachmakov

What is it: a bottle of The Different Company De Bachmakov, in the new “Juste Chic” 100 ml refillable bottle, unopened and unused.

How do I get it: For a chance to win, leave a comment on the website telling me that you live in the US (or that you can provide a US mailing address). Then tell me either a) your favorite fragrance from The Different Company, or b) the best niche fragrance of 2016 (so far), or c) something else you’ve been dying to post in a comment.

Be sure to use the “Post a comment” box; do not reply to another comment…

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5 perfumes: iris fragrances for winter

iris on black

A light dusting of snow on the ground this morning reminded me that yes, we’re deep in mid-winter. If you love iris, this is when you can wear the richest and darkest irises in your collection. I’ve picked my five favorites for cold weather, and do add your own in the comments! And if you missed them, do see my list of iris picks for summer and iris picks for fall. The spring post is coming up in April, and then I’ll move on to a year of vetiver…

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