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Tauer Perfumes Advent 2014

Tauer Advent tree

December 1st…it’s time for the annual Tauer Perfumes Advent calendar! Yes, Tauer is holding 24 days of giveaways for Advent again this year. Why? Because…

It is this time of the year again: Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays…

Now Smell This is pleased to host the prize draw for December 1st. Today’s winner gets a Tauer Explorer Set, with three 15 ml travel sprays (the winner picks the fragrances).

For a chance to win the December 1st prize…

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Tauer Perfumes Sotto La Luna Gardenia ~ perfume review

Tauer Perfumes Sotta La Luna Gardenia, label

There are a few flowers that should arguably never appear in the name of a perfume. Jasmine doesn’t matter so much — you can call a fragrance Jasmin de Nuit or Jasminora or Ikat Jasmine or whatever and it’s no big deal if it’s something other than a realistic jasmine soliflore — after all, there are plenty of realistic jasmine soliflores already. If you’re developing a new jasmine fragrance, going for interesting over realistic might be the better approach.

Magnolia is more problematic. The smell, in nature, is incredible, yet really lovely (and realistic) magnolia soliflores are as hard to find as leprechauns. Some perfumistas will automatically resent a fragrance called Magnolia-something-or-another that doesn’t, in fact, smell much like magnolias. Gardenia, ditto. The first thing a perfumista wants to know is: does it really smell like gardenia? And if the answer is yes, the next question is: for how long? Gardenia perfumes that smell like real gardenia for more than say, 10 or 15 minutes, are rare indeed…

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