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Stella McCartney Pop ad campaign

I really wanted to represent young women in beauty in a more modern, contemporary way – to give them something they can identify with and have ownership of.

[…] For me it’s about being bold. That’s why we called it Pop. It’s pink, but it’s a powerful pink. It’s the kind of fragrance I’d love my daughters to wear when they grow up – I want my daughters to look up to those girls.1

That’s Stella McCartney, talking to Vogue about her latest fragrance, Pop. Pop is geared towards millennials, and more specifically, towards young women who might be buying a perfume for the first time.2 The campaign is fronted by Grimes, Lourdes Leon, Amandla Stenberg and Kenya Kinski-Jones. Those aren’t the sort of models you’d typically expect to find in a fragrance ad, and the campaign’s messages, about things like friendship and sustainability and animal rights and whatnot, are likewise unusual. McCartney said she wanted to give this generation of women “a voice and a fragrance”, and Elle excitedly noted that Stella McCartney’s New Scent Breaks All the Major Fragrance Rules

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Everything that a major fragrance usually isn’t

That's because POP is all about everything that a major fragrance usually isn't. There's no come-hither ad campaign, no wear-this-to-make-a-lover-swoon messaging. (The print ad, a simple close-up of the four faces, "was about letting the girls be themselves and not airbrushing them. Letting them have eyebrows and roots and the whole shebang," McCartney says.)

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