The meal begins with vetiver-scented sweet potato cake

The meal begins with vetiver-scented sweet potato cake, which makes us gasp with surprise at the power of its perfume. It’s followed by Pan seared scallops, wrapped in the familiar scent of sandalwood. Then comes a cheery pink rose and strawberry sorbet. All three demonstrate that Barry’s premise that essential oils — the building blocks of perfume — behave very differently from spices, pastes and powders.

— Perfumer Nicolas de Barry hosts a scent dinner at the Taj Coromandel in Chennai. Read more at Vetiver-scented cake, anyone? at The Hindu.

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Spice-laden air over the Strait of Bosphorus in the Middle Ages

...pine and cedar pulled from the imagined court of Louis XIV, spice-laden air over the Strait of Bosphorus in the Middle Ages, river water and hashish of modern-day Rotterdam. Those are the ones people might actually, you know, wear. There's also the New Jersey Turnpike during a rainstorm, air pollution in San Francisco, and fresh manure in the French countryside.

— some of the smells at Urban Olfactory: What does history smell like?, an exhibit at SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco. The exhibit runs through 31 March. Read more at Now You Can Experience the Nasty Stench of Cities Throughout History at The Atlantic, or check out the details at the SPUR website.

I blunder through more scents

I blunder through more scents. My attempt to describe a salty wine: ‘Pineapple’. A fragrance intended for a rugged, outdoorsy beefcake: ‘Ooh! Christmassy!’ At one point, I get so confused that I feel like I’ve just spent ten minutes sniffing a man. And I resort to the spittoon to avoid getting completely twatted. That’s right, ladies: I spit rather than swallow.

— Alexi Duggins of Now. Here. This. (possibly, the wrong person for the job) attends a Sip/Sniff wine and perfume event in London hosted by Odette Toilette and Berkmann Wine Cellars. Read more at Nose knows: how to find the perfect wine to go with your own scent, or read more about the event at Odette Toilette.

Notes of toffee and apple

Taking a cue from the designer perfume line’s Déliria fragrance, which features notes of toffee and apple, the first course of Nova Scotia Salmon incorporates citrus-cured apple and grain mustard. The second course includes guests’ choice of Atlantic Black Cod, served with carrots and roasted garlic fumet, or the Omaha Beef Tenderloin with smoked potato mousseline and Bordelaise syrup, both of which are inspired by the saffron, whiskey, lavender, and rose bouquet found in L’Artisan’s Skin on Skin.

— Los Angeles restaurant Patina is offering a Valentine's Day dinner inspired by L'Artisan Parfumeur's Explosion d'Emotion trio. Read more at Patina Partners with L’Artisan Parfumeur for Valentine’s Day Dinner at Haute Living.