Providence Perfume Co Samarinda ~ fragrance review & quick poll

Providence Perfume Co Samarinda

An exotic scented journey awaits . . . . Travel to Indonesia. Samarinda begins with top notes of sweet orange, cardamom and pink peppercorn. A heart of carnation, heliotrope, rose, orange blossom and Sumatran coffee give way to a sweet scotch leather layover fortified by rum ether, jasmine rice, vanilla oakwood and roasted seashell.

Samarinda is the latest from Providence Perfume Co, and it’s a spicy oriental unisex fragrance named for the city in Borneo. When I reviewed Providence Perfume’s last fragrance, Branch & Vine, I noted that they were one of my favorite indie natural brands but that I didn’t like everything they made. Samarinda now joins Branch & Vine in the ‘yes’ column, and yes, it lives up to its “exotic journey” billing.

The opening is juicy and bright, but already rich and peppery-spicy, and it warms quickly — you can tell you’re in oriental territory within seconds…

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Holiday fragrance gifts 2013, part 4

Our series of holiday gift posts continues with gift ideas for the men in your life, although there are plenty of “unisex” ideas in the other articles, and there are probably a few things here that women might like. If you missed them, check out Part 1: scented body products, Part 2: travel sizes & coffrets and Part 3: home fragrance. Up next: fragranced teas and chocolates.

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Acqua di Parma candle holder and Colonia candle

From Acqua di Parma, a candle holder fashioned from wenge wood and buffalo skin: “The wood’s strength and hardness, along with its black streaked dark hues, blend perfectly with the soft and compact brown buffalo skin that trims the entire edge. The leather has a discreet hot stamped logo.” £140 at Harrods in the UK, Colonia candle is sold separately, £53…

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Providence Perfume Co Branch & Vine ~ fragrance review, plus a quick green fragrance poll

Providence Perfume Co Branch & Vine, bottle plus greeneryProvidence Perfume Co Branch & Vine, bottle plus greenery

Providence Perfume Co has fast emerged as one of my favorite indie natural brands. I don’t like everything they make — Mousseline Pêche was not my cup of tea, and neither was Moss Gown, which sounded like it ought to be my cup of tea. Branch & Vine, their latest release, might as well have been tailor-made to suit my preferences, and to suit this time of year, when summer is winding down and I’d just as soon it lasted a bit (ok, much) longer.

Branch & Vine was inspired by a summer garden — “Verdant leafy greens, a tangle of tomato vine. Hints of muguet mingle with mimosa, jasmine and cooling violet leaf” — and that’s just what it smells like: greenery, not too bitter and not too heavy, sweetened by a few flowers along the way…

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