Sniffing T-shirts

We were instructed to sniff as many T-shirts of the sex we were attracted to, and select shirts that innately smelled the sexiest. I came across bag number 166, which shockingly smelled exactly like my grandmother’s house – a delightful mix of Christmas and chicken parmesan. The point was to trust our instincts, right? I went with it.

— Julia Calderone attends a pheromone-based speed dating party. Read more at Plenty of Pheromones in the Sea at Scientific American.

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Masculinity by Intense ~ fragrance review

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Masculinity by Intense (a.k.a. “N10Z”) is a pheromone fragrance designed to enhance “male-to-male” attraction. I’ve never understood pheromone perfumes. I naturally secrete pheromones, so why do I need to add more pheromones to my body with a fragrance? If pheromones encourage others to come my way, does adding extra pheromones to my person provide too much of a good thing? Will the Human Hurricane of Pheromones I’ll become by wearing a pheromone-rich fragrance make people want to know me…or devour me? Can wearing a pheromone perfume be dangerous?

If Val Lewton were alive I’d pitch him a movie: Fatal Attractant

Place: Coastal university town

Who/What: A lonely (and lazy) gay science professor, Mr. Y, concocts a pheromone spray that will render him enticing to other gay men At first, the pheromone spray works: men notice him, chat him up. Then…his clothes disappear from the clothesline; peeping toms stare into his home; male students loiter at his university office door. As Mr. Y’s natural pheromones interact with the laboratory-made pheromone spray, things go awry; everywhere he goes he is followed, groped, manhandled. Mr. Y’s auto insurance rates rise as men in speeding cars ram into his bumper…

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Pheromonal products are not based upon valid information…

Taking note of a slew of pheromone-touting products on the market, the study authors explain that the "selling and marketing of these fragrance materials as pheromonal products are not based upon valid information." However, they say, human body odors do indeed house mood- and endocrine-function-affecting substances that, if isolated, could "affect changes in human physiology and behavior."

— From Pheromone-Touting Fragrances Don't Work ... Yet at Perfumer & Flavorist. The article summarizes the conclusions of a white paper published by Sense of Smell Institute.

By smell alone

Nine blindfolded women were asked to determine, by smell alone, whether any among a group of nine men was worth pursuing.

Three men had just showered using a body wash with synthesized pheromones, three had used a body wash without pheromones, and the rest had worked up a sweat and not washed at all. They then rubbed their arms on scent strips, and handed them to the women to sniff.

— Find out what happened at Banking on a Chemical Reaction at the New York Times. Many thanks to Jessica for the link!