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Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath & Blasted Bloom ~ fragrance reviews

Going back as far as the 18th century, the English have been lauded by visitors for their clean selves, homes, streets and towns. Buckets and basins full of hot water and suds kept everything and everyone (including pets) nearly spotless and fresh. In their latest two “perfumes,” Blasted Bloom and Blasted Heath, Penhaligon’s has taken things too far, producing fragrances with the heart (notes) of cleaning products.

“Blasted” can mean ‘drunk’ or ‘withered’ or ‘damned.’ I think of Blasted Bloom and Blasted Health as perfumes (sand)’blasted’ into banality and cleanliness with all interesting and vibrant bits of all notes they contain deleted — woods, leaves, tobacco, flowers, patchouli, etc. Aren’t clean perfumes, drenched with white musks, on the way out? Perhaps Penhaligon’s is just waaaay late to the Clean Party…

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