Bunch o’ limited edition collector bottles (& some other stuff) 2015, part 9

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is “special” (or not, as the case may be), and some of these may not be available in the US. Today’s post includes collector bottles from Acqua di Parma and Loewe; a new purse spray for Cartier La Panthère; new concentrations for Kenzo Jeu d’Amour and Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez; and new packaging for solid perfumes from Ormonde Jayne.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza collector

From Acqua di Parma, a special edition of Colonia Essenza: “The decoration on Acqua di Parma’s Special Edition black bottle is inspired by the tuxedo and bow tie, an elegant and unique pattern, entirely handcrafted by Italian master glassmakers. This refillable bottle becomes a collector’s item for the connoisseurs of Colonia Essenza.” 180 ml, £140 at Selfridges in the UK…

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We’re craftsmen

Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne introduces her perfume line. Among other things, she takes credit (or blame?) for introducing oud into the perfume industry. A little over 9 minutes.

Top 10 Fall Fragrances 2014

Cold Colours

We pick the dates for the seasonal top 10 posts far in advance, and sometimes that works out fine. This year, it feels odd to be writing about fall so early — we’ve had strange weather the past few months, so while it stopped feeling like a proper summer here sometime in late July, it still doesn’t feel anything like fall. Here are ten fragrances I might wear if it did feel like fall, or that you could wear if there’s already a chill in the air where you are. Do add your own fall favorites in the comments!

CB I Hate Perfume Burning Leaves: The perfect way to get into the mood for fall even if the weather won’t cooperate, and extra-nice if you live in a place (as I do) where all the leaves get composted (as they should be) instead of burned (I do miss the smell). The last time I wrote the Top 10 of Fall was back in 2008, and I included Burning Leaves on that post too. Some things never change…

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