The putrid odor

The “Exhilarated Room” is a funhouse of crystalline mirrors, like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, dotted with flower-like patterns and accompanied by the putrid odor of what’s described to me as “Blooming Peony and Cherry.”


The museum is not a museum at all. It is an elaborate, walk-through advertisement for Glade products, complete with some very attentive brand ambassadors dressed in costume. But the marketing aspect has not stopped visitors from standing in a line that snakes around a luxury mall.

— Jared Keller of the Smithsonian ("Fear and Loathing at the Museum of Feelings") and Katie Rogers of The New York Times ("Selfies and a Sales Pitch at the Museum of Feelings") are not amused by Glade's popup museum in New York City.

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Enfleurage Sanctuary, Roses & Amber ~ fragrance reviews

Enfleurage house blends

Was it really six years ago that I wrote a shopping report about Enfleurage, New York’s most specialized purveyor of natural aromatics? Yes, apparently. The boutique has since moved to a new address (237 West 13 Street, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood) but its staggering selection of essential oils and natural incenses remains unchanged. I still sniff individual oils during each of my visits, but I’m also very fond of Enfleurage’s “house blends.” They’re available as concentrated oils and as “roll-ons to go,” diluted in a base of organic jojoba oil for ready-to-wear use.

My favorite house blend is Sanctuary, a blend of ylang ylang, chamomile, patchouli, clary sage and black pepper…

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Fragrant, fresh-roasted coffee

One particularly effective display shows how perception shifts . Press the top button, and you get a whiff of old, cold coffee, stale grounds in a soggy filter at the end of the day. Press the bottom button, and you get a noseful of real skunkiness, furfuryl mercaptan. But press both buttons at once, and the two unpleasant compounds blend together to evoke fragrant, fresh-roasted coffee.

— The new Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn features a number of smelly items in their inaugural exhibit, Flavor: Making It and Faking It. Read more at This Smell Synthesizer Lets You Sniff And Play Flavors Like Music at Popular Science.