Providence Perfume Co Samarinda ~ fragrance review & quick poll

Providence Perfume Co Samarinda

An exotic scented journey awaits . . . . Travel to Indonesia. Samarinda begins with top notes of sweet orange, cardamom and pink peppercorn. A heart of carnation, heliotrope, rose, orange blossom and Sumatran coffee give way to a sweet scotch leather layover fortified by rum ether, jasmine rice, vanilla oakwood and roasted seashell.

Samarinda is the latest from Providence Perfume Co, and it’s a spicy oriental unisex fragrance named for the city in Borneo. When I reviewed Providence Perfume’s last fragrance, Branch & Vine, I noted that they were one of my favorite indie natural brands but that I didn’t like everything they made. Samarinda now joins Branch & Vine in the ‘yes’ column, and yes, it lives up to its “exotic journey” billing.

The opening is juicy and bright, but already rich and peppery-spicy, and it warms quickly — you can tell you’re in oriental territory within seconds…

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Persephenie Vetiver Attars ~ perfume reviews

Persephenie Vetiver Attars

Longtime readers know I’m a vetiver fiend, so I was excited when I heard about the new Vetiver Attars from Los Angeles based aromatherapist and perfumer Persephenie. They’re attars in which the florals (and other notes) are hydro-distilled into a base of vetiver oil instead of the more traditional sandalwood. And those of you who read the original announcement might remember that they’re expensive — $64 each for 4 ml — as is generally the case when a small indie brand is doing their own distilling (Strange Invisible Perfumes being another example).* I tried all five; here are brief reviews of three: Blue Lotus, Parijata and Tuberose…

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