The Monday Mail ~ help Lizzie find two new perfumes


Today we’re helping Lizzie, who has an urgent perfume problem: she recently lost almost all of her perfume collection, including hundreds of samples, in a fire. Her renter’s insurance is covering some replacements, but there are two fragrances she can’t find easily in the US and that she needs to find substitutes for so that she can wrap up her claim: Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe and Theo Fennell Scent. She needs suggestions that are up to 50 or 75 ml in size and cost up to $75 each. Buying online is fine, but eBay and international sources are not.

Lizzie says her favorite perfumes are rich, dark and mysterious, and that few perfumes intimidate her, but many are too understated or bland for her taste…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Aria find her wedding perfume


Today we’re helping Aria, who wants to find her perfect wedding fragrance. She wants something she loves but that she hasn’t worn regularly — in the future, she’d like to wear it only on special occasions. Keep in mind that she’s getting married in the heart of summer, in California, out of doors. It’s going to be hot. She can spend up to $200, but is ok with buying a decant of something more expensive.

Aria is in her mid-20s, and says she is currently making that somewhat odd transition from carefree “girl” to “professional” woman: she says she’s still a kid at heart and doesn’t entirely think of herself as a grown woman.

Aria likes notes of rose, vanilla, faint fig/fig leaf (the milky-creamy type), pale ambers, citrus and tea…

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The Monday Mail on Tuesday ~ help Robin find a new perfume


We’re a day late again (my bad!), but today we’re helping Robin (another Robin, not me) find two perfect fragrances: one for everyday office wear and one for special occasions. Her requirements: complex, beautiful, feminine scents, preferably not mainstream, and that fit her personality and style. Ideally, she’d like to sniff her own arm and be transported from the office. Her fragrance should be grown up but not too old, and young enough but not teenager-ish. She’d like to stay under $250 and she’s happy to shop online. Here is what we know about Robin:

She’s in her late 20s; she’s from Charlotte, NC and recently moved to Florida. She’s a former 6th grade teacher and now works at a radio/television station as the resident education expert. She has degrees in English Literature and Political Science.

She says she’s an extrovert and an introvert: she’s very social but still loves to be alone and to herself…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Sondra find a new perfume

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Sondra wants to find a new perfume with “significant green notes and some floral notes”. She can spend up to $150, and while she doesn’t have great access to perfume shops, buying online and sampling through decants is her usual method of trying fragrances anyway. Here is what we know about Sondra:

She’s a therapist in her early 50s.

She’s an outdoorsy person who would rather spend a day hiking or with a book than at the mall or indoors.

Most of her clothes come second-hand, partially because she likes the aesthetic of gently used things. Her favorite articles of clothing are preppy, but not in a polished, chirpy way, more in a slightly worn and comfortably rumpled way.

Sondra likes galbanum, rose, hawthorn, lilac and heliotrope…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Eleni find a new perfume, again


We’ve cleared through the waiting list for the Monday Mail — if you’d like other Now Smell This readers to help you find a new fragrance, this is a great time to sign up.

Today we’re helping Eleni, who was a subject in the Monday Mail back in 2011, and says she absolutely adored the experience and discovered some real gems. She’s since gone through a difficult breakup and wants to find some new perfumes that don’t have any “olfactory baggage”. She’d like to find an optimistic but sultry “let’s start afresh” fragrance, ideally one that can transition from day to evening wear. If money were no object, Amouage Epic and Opus IV come close to what she wants, but she can’t afford them (she can pay up to about €120). Here is what we know about Eleni:

She’s in her late 20s, and living and working in Bucharest, Romania. She’s a freelance theater director and also a stage manager at the National Opera…

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