The Monday Mail ~ help Fabio find a new rose fragrance

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Fabio is back for a fourth round of the Monday Mail, which makes him our best customer ever (here are links to his first, second and third posts). This time, he’s particularly interested in rose, and more specifically, masculine roses. In the 90s, Fabio was a big fan of Ungaro III, which he calls a “dark, male, rotten rose”. He’d love to find something similar, or any rose you think might fit the bill, but, he has not found “oud-ish” roses to his taste. He’d like a rose for a British gentleman…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Sydney find a new perfume

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Sydney wants our help. She has been interested in perfume ever since coming across Dior Dune at a yard sale as a teenager. She’s about to drain her latest bottle, but doesn’t want to replace it: she feels she’s outgrown Dune and wants to expand her horizons. She currently lives in Arkansas so has limited access to fragrance stores, but she’ll be moving to the outskirts of Paris soon. She’d like some recommendations so she can build a list of things worth trying (maybe she’ll find a new signature scent, maybe she’ll build a wardrobe). And if any Paris perfumistas are interested in contacting her, she’d love to connect with you!

Here is what we know about Sydney…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Vanessa find a new perfume

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Vanessa wants our help finding her perfect perfume. For years she wore and loved Avon Soft Musk, but they no longer sell it in the US, and the last time Avon released it here as a limited edition, it did not smell the same to her. Vanessa is on a budget and wouldn’t pay more than $40; she’s willing to shop online and has local access to Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, K Mart, TJ Maxx, JC Penny and Dillard’s.

Here is what we know about Vanessa:

Vanessa is in her early 30s and lives in Tennessee.

She works as an adjunct guitar teacher, and teaches in a tiny lesson room in a music store so she can’t wear extremely strong scents.

Vanessa likes patchouli but finds that those around her do not…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Cat find a new perfume

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Cat wants our help finding her fall 2015 perfume – she’s says she’s been moving towards a “daily wear seasonal model” and has come up short for this time of year. The weather where she lives is still too hot for traditional fall fragrances, but she want something beyond greens or florals, which are too spring-like. She’d like to keep the cost below $250.

Here is what we know about Cat:

She’s in her 30s and she lives in the desert.

She works in a semi-conservative office.

She loves yoga, hiking (when it’s cooler), reading and luxury handbags…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Alissa find a new fragrance

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The Monday Mail is our not-so-regular feature where readers help other readers find the perfect fragrance. Today’s subject: Alissa. When Alissa was young, her grandmother gave her some cute perfume samples and started her on the road to collecting, first for the bottles, later, as she grew older, for the juice.

She needs help today on a very specific quest. On a trip to China with her boyfriend, they visited several temples. Inside the temples, there was incense burning. She loved the smell, and after doing some research she thinks the incense was probably sandalwood. Alissa wants to find a perfume that will smell like the incense from those temples. She is willing to spend up to €250 euro, but she’d like that price to fetch her a large bottle (150-200 ml)…

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