The Monday Mail ~ help Maneki find a new perfume

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Maneki, who lives in Sweden, wants our help with a very particular scent quest. She’s primarily interested in finding the right samples, so price isn’t an issue. Do read on and see if you can help:

I’m dreaming of summer evenings, of sitting on a hill watching the sunset while a gentle wind blows in the hair. And there’s one scent I imagine being part of this scene: coumarin. Or, rather, the coumarin-laden plants on that very hill: “vanilla grass”/sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) and sweet grass (Hierochloe odorata). While I can always go sniff the sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) in our garden …I’d love a scent for those grey and cold days when I long for the beautiful white nights of June…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Loni find a new perfume

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Loni wants to find one or two new fragrances. The first would be her signature scent — something versatile enough to wear to the office or while playing outside with her daughter, but also interesting enough to see her through everything else. It should be close, pretty, natural and comfortable, like a second skin. The second scent would be something with more “oomph”, for date nights.

She can pay upwards of $150 for something she really loves, and she has great access to perfume shopping (and can shop online). Here is what we know about Loni:

She’s in her early 30s and lives in Los Angeles (no need for a seasonal perfume wardrobe).

She loves birding, hiking, making soup, eating ultra-smelly “banned-on-a-french-bus” cheese, museums and the arts, and travel.

She managed the fine fragrance department at Nordstrom just after college for a year or so…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Connie find a new perfume

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Yes, we’re still doing the Monday Mail…but intermittently. If you’ve never participated, it’s simple: read Connie’s story, chime in with your recommendations! And if you’d like to be the subject of a Monday Mail post, see here.

Connie has been seriously interested in perfume for about three years. Her first love was Miller Harris L’Air de Rien — she still loves its horse stable, nostalgia, gourmandy, skanky beauty. Today, she’s not looking for anything specific, just new perfume loves that she hasn’t discovered yet. She leans towards less casual, more adventurous fragrances; her budget is loose but she isn’t thinking JAR, Roja Dove or Xerjoff…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Liz find a new fragrance

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It’s been a good long while since we’ve done a Monday Mail…I hope some of you still remember the drill! Today we’re helping Liz, who is in law school and wants to find a “grown-up” fragrance that she can wear regularly. She’d prefer something with decent lasting power. She can pay around $100 and has reasonable access to stores, but is overwhelmed by the offerings she finds in the mall and is subject to migraines from some scents.

Here is what we know about Liz:

She’s in her late 20s.

Her personal style during the week is feminine and conservative, but on the weekends she’s usually in jeans and a t-shirt…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Nebbe find a new fragrance

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Today we’re helping Now Smell This reader Nebbe, who wants to find one or two new spring / summer fragrances — scents that she can put into heavy rotation for the next six months. She can spend about $75 – $125. Nebbe works in an open office environment, where perfume is allowed but the employees are asked to keep it subtle. She’d love to find something that will last through an 8 – 12 hour workday without re-application, but with light sillage (preferably, others won’t notice it unless they’re in her personal space).

Nebbe is relatively new to the perfume world (the last six months) but is already addicted to sampling, reading about perfumes, and more sampling.

Here is what we know about Nebbe:

She’s in her mid-30s, and works in professional services in the Pacific North West.

She loves reading, listening to podcasts/local news talk, enjoying a great meal with friends, and thrift store shopping.

Her style is a mix of classic and modern, with a sensual twist on the weekends. She is outgoing and friendly, and loves meeting new people.

Nebbe likes soft, creamy, well-blended scents; notes she appreciates include amber, vanilla, sandalwood, gardenia, tuberose…

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