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Miller et Bertaux oh, ooOoh…oh ~ fragrance review

Miller et Bertaux oh, ooOoh...oh

Miller et Bertaux is not a high-profile perfume company, at least not in the U.S. The U.S. perfume market is tiny compared to Europe, so that’s not a disaster for Miller et Bertaux, but it is a shame more people here don’t get to try Miller et Bertaux’s high-quality (in style and substance) fragrances — any of which I would happily wear (how often can I say that?) I’m particularly fond of: #2 Spiritus/land; #3 Green, green, green and…green; a quiet morning; and Om: inspire…and smile.

Miller et Bertaux’s latest perfume is called Oh, ooOoh…oh (mist, wood, wind and guitar)*; it goes on smelling spicy — as if you took some super-aromatic gin and boiled away the alcohol to accentuate the aromas of juniper berries, pungent citrus peels and herbs in the liquor (there’s a wonderful-smelling cinnamon-pepper component too). Oh, ooOoh…oh’s opening also reminds me of a rich, dark amber-colored artisanal ginger ale I drank recently; its vibe is warm and comforting…but not heavy…

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Miller et Bertaux Om: inspire…and smile ~ fragrance review

Om: inspire… and smile is the latest fragrance from Miller et Bertaux; Om aims to evoke Bali and the perfume is named for the sacred Sanskrit syllable “om” (or “aum”). In Hinduism, om, the sound, is the music of the universe; om, the “idea,” represents Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (Protection) and Shiva (Destruction).

Spiritual om fits nicely with perfume Om’s trajectory. I can certainly imagine the percolating forces of Creation, the head notes, smelling of hot peppers and peppercorns, the strong arms (and heart notes) of Protection scented with myrrh, clove and flowers, and the sturdy base of Destruction (remember, destruction can be good, it can obliterate suffering, blindness and evil in the world) redolent of incense, smoke, and charred wood. And the moment of release from all worldly pain and the phases of birth, life and death? That would smell of amber – full of patchouli and vanilla. Yummmmmmmmmmmm

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