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Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream ~ perfume review & quick poll

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream advert

Daisy Dream is the latest from Marc Jacobs. If you pay attention to perfume at all, you probably already know it’s a flanker to 2007′s Daisy, a fragrance that’s been fantastically successful1 and already spawned a number of spin offs. The success is deserved, in my opinion. Daisy is not the best perfume made in the last 10 years, mind you, not even close, but it’s about as pleasant and wearable as they come. Despite its obvious orientation towards the youth market, Daisy has a kind of easygoing cheerfulness that transcends age categories, and the packaging is genius. Even an old perfumista curmudgeon like me finds Daisy likable.

I admit I have not paid all that much attention to the flankers. I did review Daisy Eau So Fresh, but I skipped the next two paired sets of flankers: Daisy Sunshine and Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine, Daisy Delight and Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight (do comment if you tried any of them). Daisy Dream caught my attention mostly because of the addition of coconut water in the notes…

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