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Marc Jacobs Decadence ~ fragrance review

Adriana Lima for Marc Jacobs Decadence

I felt like the next story to tell was one of this indulgence of pleasure and luxury, because that’s what decadence is. And I had to tell that in a way that was irreverent, which is very much part of who I am and how we tell stories, which is with an offhanded, irreverent sense of glamour, rather than first-degree glamour — something a bit more unconventional.1

So says Marc Jacobs, who has released a new feminine fragrance called Decadence for fall. Decadence was developed by perfumer Annie Buzantian and is a “sensual, luxurious, woody fragrance” with top notes of plum, iris flower and saffron; heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and orris; and a base of vetiver, papyrus woods and liquid amber.

When I spritzed Decadence on a blotter at my local Macy’s and took a deep whiff, I gasped and recoiled (to the amusement of the security guard keeping an eye on things). It opens with something sharp and harsh that I can only describe as “knitting needle up the nostril.” It is some kind of aldehyde? I do not know…

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Marc Jacobs Mod Noir ~ fragrance review, and a quick poll question

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir

Mod Noir is the latest fragrance release from designer Marc Jacobs (through a licensing deal with Coty), and it’s being billed as “bold, modern, unique – a chic juxtaposition of classic and contemporary.” It was developed by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville, and its composition includes clementine, yuzu and green notes; waterlily, magnolia, gardenia and tuberose; and musk, orange blossom and nectarine. It’s supposed to balance “sophisticated” and “lush” aspects with “dewy” and “sparkling” notes, just as its bottle contrasts black against white.

I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a Marc Jacobs fragrance here — Robin usually does the honors — but I’ve smelled most of them in stores, and I find them pleasant enough, but too safe and youthful for me to covet. Mod Noir, with its white-floral concept and its graphic bottle design, seems to skew a bit older than Lola or Dot, or most (if not all) of Jacobs’s recent fragrances…

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