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L’Occitane Fleur d’Or & Acacia and Ambre & Santal ~ fragrance reviews

L’Occitane Fleur d’Or & Acacia and Ambre & Santal

Earlier this year, L’Occitane launched a new line of perfumes — La Collection de Grasse; the collection started off with four fragrances and now has doubled in size.1 I’ve only had the chance to spend quality time with two of the perfumes: Fleur d’Or & Acacia and Ambre & Santal.

Fleur d’Or & Acacia

(lemon, bergamot, mimosa, acacia, white woods, musk)

Fleur d’Or & Acacia begins with, and maintains, an intense acacia-mimosa accord; and at first, this accord smells genuine (natural). The lemon note in Fleur d’Or & Acacia’s opening serves as a momentary “booster” for the florals. After Fleur d’Or & Acacia’s authentic-smelling acacia-mimosa notes vanish, and that happens quickly, they are replaced by acacia-mimosa ‘chemicals’ that soar into space, and up through my nasal passages…

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