Citrus with a twist: Imaginary Authors Mosaic & Providence Perfume Co Tangerine Thyme

Fête du Citron, Menton

Yes, summer is very nearly over — but nearly over is not over, right? There are still a few warm days ahead where I live. Here are quick reviews of two last-gasp-of-summer citrus fragrances, and do add any of your own favorites that you’ll miss as the days get colder.

Imaginary Authors Mosaic

I’m not going to repeat the whole fake novel by a fake author backstory since I promised a quick review — suffice it to say that Mosaic involves “a spring-fed, Roman-style bathhouse on the edge of The Black Forest in the seemingly serene German village of Baden-Baden”…

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Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser ~ fragrance review

Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser

The early exploration writing of Philip Sava bent the limits of post-modern fiction, revealing fantastical worlds that fooled many into believing they were, in fact, real. Sava’s kaleidoscopic collections, of which Memoirs of a Trespasser is the undeniable centerpiece, drew upon true experiences from his exotic travels but were infused with a hallucinatory inventiveness that set his work apart from others in the genre.

Though Sava had associates all over the world, he spent most of his time living in solitude on a ranch in southern Madagascar. When interrogated by the press on his cloistered lifestyle he notoriously answered, “Who needs love when you have cognac?”

When I reviewed two fragrances (An Air of Despair and A City On Fire) from indie niche line Imaginary Authors back in June, I asked people to name their own favorites from the brand in the comments. Memoirs of a Trespasser garnered the most mentions, and now that I’ve smelled it, I can see why…

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Imaginary Authors An Air of Despair & A City On Fire ~ quick fragrance reviews

I haven’t checked in on indie brand Imaginary Authors since last spring. Here are quick reviews of two of their recent-ish efforts. If you’ve tried anything from the brand, do share your favorites in the comments!

An Air of Despair

Imaginary Authors An Air of Despair

An Air of Despair was launched as a limited edition for Summer 2015 (it’s still easily found), and features notes of cedar, saffron, musk and sadness…

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