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Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris ~ perfume review

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris advert

Yves Saint Laurent updated their 1983 classic rose, Paris, with Parisienne, a vinyl-accented modern rose, in 2009. I liked Parisienne, but I don’t think it ever gained any sort of major traction with consumers despite the steamy Kate Moss advertising. So now for 2016 we have Mon Paris, which is “about vertigo, love that makes you lose your senses”. The advertising features plenty of kissing, but little if any writhing, and Crista Cober keeps her clothes on — it takes Mon Paris a small step closer to the original underpinnings of Paris as a fragrance about roses and romance.

There are no roses in the 2016 advertising, though, which is your first clue that Mon Paris, the juice, isn’t an updated version of Paris, the juice…

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