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5 perfumes: gourmand oddities


Way back in 2008, Erin wrote a post called 5 Perfumes for: Gourmand Deniers. Her selection emphasized gourmands for people who are wary of gourmands; in her words, gourmands “that camouflage their intentions”. Like Erin, I don’t think of myself as a huge fan of sweet, dessert-based gourmands, although as time goes on I find more and more exceptions to the rule. Today, however, I’m thinking about an entirely different kind of gourmand. Here are five fragrances that smell like food without calling to mind the conventional offerings on a dessert tray.

Lush The Voice of Reason: If Dinner by Bobo were still on the market (and if it is, do comment), it would surely take top honors in any list of gourmand oddities, but as a reasonably meaty substitute I offer The Voice of Reason, which I described in my review as “rather alarmingly meaty”…

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Kerosene Unforsaken ~ quick perfume review & quick indie poll

Kerosene Unforsaken

The description for indie house Kerosene’s new fragrance, Unforsaken, tempted me right away, from the “decadent dessert sprinkled with warm coconut shavings and topped with cool clementine slices” to the vanilla cream, ginger and benzoin. I imagined something over-the-top, similar to what their Black Vines did for licorice and spice.

This is not that at all. Still, the first spray captured my heart: shimmering citrus over a pale, creamy backdrop, not quite strong or distinct enough to register as warm coconut shavings or vanilla cream…

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A Lab on Fire Paris*LA ~ perfume review

A Lab on Fire banner image

The idea for Paris*LA, one of the recent launches from niche brand A Lab On Fire, is simple enough: “LA, captured through Parisian eyes…”, and the description, “a refreshing Coca-cola marries a smooth-shelled macaron”, is enticing, perhaps, depending on your predisposition towards soda-inspired gourmands. I love them, the fizzier the better.

Paris*LA starts off energetically, with ginger and tart citrus (the notes: key lime, ginger, cola accord, neroli, coriander, thyme, macaron accord, amber and musk) and slowly rearranges itself into its key elements, the cola and the biscuit. The cola, admittedly, I’m not sure I’d recognize if I wasn’t looking for it. Paris*LA is only lightly fizzy on my skin, perhaps because I’m dabbing from a vial, and while all the cola “pieces” are there, it’s not the exact cola I’m used to…

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Viktor & Rolf Bonbon ~ perfume review & a quick sweet poll

Edita Vilkeviciute for Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

It’s tempting to think that Viktor & Rolf learned a simple lesson from the failure of Eau Mega, and that lesson was: sugar. Their first fragrance, Flowerbomb, wasn’t an explosion of flowers at all, but a(nother) fourth generation spawn of Thierry Mugler Angel, with cleaner (and quieter) patchouli, a few petals sprinkled here and there, and plenty of sugar. It was a huge hit. (They’ve since churned out a bazillion collector bottles, but relatively few flankers — maybe they never got the memo?) They followed with the aforementioned Eau Mega, a clean melon-y pear, and despite the fun bottle, it didn’t do so well.

Now they’re back with Bonbon. Bonbon has sugar and then some; it could easily have been a Flowerbomb flanker aimed at younger consumers — Sugarbomb? Candybomb? The possibilities are endless. But no, we’ve got Bonbon, and unlike Flowerbomb, it’s just what it says it is: candy…

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