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Notes of toffee and apple

Taking a cue from the designer perfume line’s Déliria fragrance, which features notes of toffee and apple, the first course of Nova Scotia Salmon incorporates citrus-cured apple and grain mustard. The second course includes guests’ choice of Atlantic Black Cod, served with carrots and roasted garlic fumet, or the Omaha Beef Tenderloin with smoked potato mousseline and Bordelaise syrup, both of which are inspired by the saffron, whiskey, lavender, and rose bouquet found in L’Artisan’s Skin on Skin.

— Los Angeles restaurant Patina is offering a Valentine's Day dinner inspired by L'Artisan Parfumeur's Explosion d'Emotion trio. Read more at Patina Partners with L’Artisan Parfumeur for Valentine’s Day Dinner at Haute Living.

Valentine’s Day fragrance gifts 2014

A few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, in case anyone is in need of (scented) inspiration. Do feel free to comment and tell us what present you’d most like to get!

Diptyque + Macon & Lesquoy brooch

From Diptyque, a brooch you can scent with your favorite fragrance: “Our new hand embroidered Rose brooch was developed in partnership with jewelry designers, Macon & Lesquoy. Perfume the ceramic drop and enjoy your fragrance all day long.” $55 at Diptyque

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Smell the fat

Previous research has suggested that we may be able to "taste" fat. And now, researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center have found evidence that we might be able to smell it, too. "The human sense of smell is far better at guiding us through our everyday lives than we give it credit for," study researcher Johan Lundström, PhD, a cognitive neuroscientist at Monell, said in a statement. "That we have the ability to detect and discriminate minute differences in the fat content of our food suggests that this ability must have had considerable evolutionary importance."

— Read more at It's Possible To Smell The Fat In Food at the Huffington Post.

Bunch o’ random chocolate bars. No theme, no perfume, part 2

Chuao Orange-a Go-Go and Madecasse Winter Spice bars

As Angie said here recently, we don’t normally stray far from the topic of perfume. But every so often we do, and it is a sad commentary on something-or-another that Angie was writing about AIDS, and I’m going to go off-topic, again, to talk about chocolate.

Today, six bars from four companies: Orange-a Go-Go by Chuao Chocolatier, Peppermint and Winter Spice by Madecasse, Riz Soufflé Caramélisé and Violette by Maison Bouche, and Lemon Ginger by Equal Exchange.

Chuao Orange-a Go-Go (60% cacao)

I’ve written before about my search for the perfect dark chocolate bar with candied orange, and so I was very excited when Chuao, one of my favorite chocolate brands (see reviews here and here and here) came out with the Orange-a-Go-Go bar…

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