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Sensation Chloe

Master pastry chef Pierre Hermé makes Sensation Chloé, “a dessert that captures the contrasting combinations of unctuousness, density of chocolate and freshness of raspberry”, to mark White Day. The “moreish delicacy” was served at the Café Dior in Seoul.* In French, but chocolate is easy to understand in any language.

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Vanilla isn’t actually sweet

Those associations can then be used to trigger the reward system even when the perceived reward is smaller than the actual one. Take vanilla. Vanilla isn’t actually sweet. It’s quite bitter. But in the Western world, we have come to associate it with sweet foods, and so, to us, it signals sweetness. When we smell it, our sweet receptors go on high alert—and the food we eat tastes sweeter than it otherwise would.

— Maria Konnikova writes about the emerging field of neurogastronomy and Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant The Fat Duck. Read more at This Man Will Transform How You Eat at New Republic.

Scallops in bubble gum

The scallops in bubble gum tasted a billion times better than you'd think, and thank you, Jean-Georges, for that. It also pretty much set the tone for the rest of the dinner. Next came a crunchy popcorn-encrusted salmon, lobster with piña colada bubbles, veal with bergamot, and—best of all—almond pudding that had no business being called pudding (unless, sorry, you love Snack Packs).

— Elizabeth Siegel of Allure attends a Scent Dinner hosted by Chandler Burr and inspired by Thierry Mugler Alien and its flankers. Read more at Here's What Happens When Chefs Reimagine Perfume as Food.

Two peppermint stick chocolate bars ~ (not perfume) reviews

candy canes

It’s been ages since we’ve talked about chocolate here — just about two years ago I reviewed a handful of bars, and then nothing since. I’ve gone right on eating chocolate, nearly every day. This month I’ve been working my way through several winter-themed bars, including the two peppermint stick bars under consideration today. For regular, non-candy-cane peppermint + chocolate, my favorites are usually Dolfin Noir Aux Feuilles de Menthe, which I nearly never get my hands on, or Divine’s Mint Dark Chocolate, my “everyday” chocolate mint. Madecasse’s Peppermint, which they have reissued as a limited edition again this year, is also quite good (and I am still trying to find a bar of their other holiday flavor for 2015, Orange Cranberry).

But today, we’re doing peppermint sticks…

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