A season defined by decomposition

Starbucks had us wrapped around its pumpkin spice-dipped little finger as early as August. Febreze’s seductive fall slogan, “Mmm…smells like sweater weather,” is responsible for the millions of homes smelling of “Apple Delish” and “Jolly Pine.” Yankee Candle’s approach to nasal season is only slightly more subtle: “Autumn in the Park” and “Crisp Morning Air” are on offer for $5.49. That’s a lot of marketing muscle being put toward making a season defined by decomposition into an olfactory event.

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Lazy weekend poll ~ transitional fragrances, Fall 2015

Vol de flamands

A couple quick reminders: the splitmeet is still open (I’ll close it tomorrow morning). And our next damage poll is coming up on Friday.

Today, a repeat of a poll we did some years ago: what are your favorite fragrances as summer turns to fall? What scent makes you happy as the nights get chilly and the days take on that crisp edge? And tell us what perfume you wish you owned for chilly weather.

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, adjust your answers accordingly…

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Top 10 Fall Fragrances 2015

yellow leaf

It’s mid-September, and I’ve been flipping through various beauty-and-fashion magazines to keep up with things. I’ve been particularly struck by all the “New Season, New Scent” headlines. I know, I know — this is how the fragrance business stays in existence, yet this autumn I’m craving comfort and familiarity far more than novelty.

Looking back five years (!), I’d still wear most of my picks from my Top Ten Fall Fragrances of 2010, but I’ve also made a few “new” favorites since then. Here are my very personal picks for the months ahead.

I’m looking forward to an off-season seashore getaway soon, and I’ll be packing Diptyque Florabellio

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5 perfumes: iris fragrances for fall

orange iris on green

No, it isn’t fall yet, but in case you’re planning ahead (or just sick of summer), here are five iris fragrances to consider as the air takes on a bit of a chill and darkness falls a bit earlier every day. If you missed it, do see my list of iris picks for summer.

Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolue: I included “regular” Infusion d’Iris on my summer list, but the Absolue version is the one I reach for more often, year round. As you’d expect from the name, it’s more…

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5 perfumes: citrus for cold weather


Longtime readers know I am not a fan of cold weather. Early fall, when it’s crisp and sunny, is ok I guess, but I can do without the rest of it. So, naturally, I live in Pennsylvania. Supposedly, this year we’re in for a particularly harsh winter, and if the temperature the last few days is any indication, the doomsday warnings might be turn out to be true.

Of course, you can combat cold weather in the traditional way, with woods and spices and vanilla, but sometimes, a blast of citrus, with its reminder of warmer days, seems a better way to thumb your nose at the ice crystals forming on the windows. So in the spirit of denial, here are five citrus fragrances you can wear to stay cheerful as you struggle to get the snow blower going…and of course, do add your own favorites in the comments!

Guerlain Shalimar

Let’s start right off with the big guns, shall we…

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