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Diptyque Softening Hand Wash & Velvet Hand Lotion ~ scented body product review

Diptyque Softening Hand Wash & Velvet Hand Lotion

I wrote about Diptyque‘s L’Art du Soin collection of body products when it was first launched — can that really have been almost five years ago? — and I recently realized that I hadn’t covered some of the later additions to the line. I’ve been hoarding little sample packages of Softening Hand Wash (Savon Liquide Réconfortant) and Velvet Hand Lotion (Emulsion Velours pour les Mains) that I received last fall, and this week seemed like the moment to use them: my part of the world has been coping with an excess of harsh and frigid winter weather, and my hands need every little bit of pampering that they can get.

My bathroom-sink hand-washing routine usually involves an nearly used-up bar of LUSH soap or some diluted Dr. Bronner’s castile soap in a pump bottle, but if I were truly living a life of luxury, my counter would always be graced with a bottle of Diptyque’s Softening Hand Wash

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Valentine’s Day fragrance gifts 2014

A few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, in case anyone is in need of (scented) inspiration. Do feel free to comment and tell us what present you’d most like to get!

Diptyque + Macon & Lesquoy brooch

From Diptyque, a brooch you can scent with your favorite fragrance: “Our new hand embroidered Rose brooch was developed in partnership with jewelry designers, Macon & Lesquoy. Perfume the ceramic drop and enjoy your fragrance all day long.” $55 at Diptyque

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Holiday fragrance gifts 2013, part 3

Our series of holiday gift posts continues with home fragrance of all kinds, from candles to sachets. If you missed them, check out Part 1: scented body products and Part 2: travel sizes & coffrets.

More shopping ideas: check out Perfume Posse’s recommendations for indie fragrance gifts.

2013 Diptyque holiday candles

To repeat what I said last year, maybe some year, Diptyque’s holiday candles will look so dull that we’ll leave them out, but that year has (still) not yet arrived. This year’s limited editions include Pine Bark (“A clean, woody, smoky fragrance that combines pine and cedar with hinoki, the Japanese cypress.”), Orange Chai (“A mellow but not sweet accord of orange, quince and a mixture of Indian spices.”) and Indian Incense (“A mysterious, deep fragrance, dark and floral. Rose and carnation are balanced with incense and myrrh.”), with designs by Tsé & Tsé. $68 each (190g), or $32 for a mini candle (70g), at Diptyque….

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I can read your mind

Two jaunty little ads for Diptyque’s new Un Air de Diptyque electric diffuser. First, New York, then below the jump, Paris.

In case you’re wondering, Un Air de Diptyque is $350; the scented capsules it uses to perfume the air are sold separately, and are $38 each (I’m sorry, I have no idea how long they last).

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