Dawn Spencer Hurwitz La Belle Saison ~ fragrance review


Independent perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has just launched La Belle Saison (“The Beautiful Season”), an all-botanical fragrance designed to evoke “late Spring in full bloom.” More specifically, it’s an ode to lilac. Are we experiencing a lilac mini-trend? Vilhelm Parfumerie and Amouage are also offering lilac perfumes for Spring 2016. I haven’t tried those, but I’ve been spending a few April days with La Belle Saison.

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Rendezvous ~ fragrance review

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Rendezvous

I like living with old things. I love my small collection of vintage dresses and jewelry, and when I buy new clothing and adornments, I gravitate towards vintage-inspired styles. My husband and I buy used books rather than new ones whenever we can. Most of the furniture in our home is older than we are. I spend my workdays thinking and talking about art history, with an emphasis on the “history” part. Many of my perfumes, not surprisingly, also tend towards the “retro.”

Indie line Dawn Spencer Hurwitz recently launched Rendezvous, a fragrance that’s a throwback to the animalic perfumes of the mid-twentieth century, and naturally I was curious…

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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Albino (A Study in White) ~ perfume review

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Albino

For the past few days, I’ve been feeling the need to purge after all my holiday indulgences — too much wine, too many desserts, more than a few late nights. I need to eat lighter, drink lots of water, get a little winter sunshine on my face. Even when I’m reaching for a fragrance in the morning, I want something crisp that pierces my mental fog. That means a short break from my usual soft florals and sweet orientals, in favor of something different. For the past few days, I’ve been trying Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Albino (A Study in White).

Hurwitz writes, “What is it to be without pigment? There seems to be a kind of quality; a luminosity and sense of lightness. So then what? ‘White’ materials…and a questioning: what does white feel like? Albino takes an abstract look at white from a synesthetic and textural stance…”

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