Le Prix Eau Faux 2016 ~ and the winner is…

Prix Eau Faux 2016

Please join me in a huge round of applause for everyone who entered the contest, for the judges who helped pick the finalists, and for everyone who voted to help us pick the winner. And, of course, thank you to niche boutique Arielle Shoshana for providing the prize, a $200 gift certificate, which goes to…

L’eau de l’eau de l’eau Eau légère Noir Extreme Pour Femme by Dumont d’Urville Parfumeur, submitted by Gi. Congratulations Gi!…

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Prix Eau Faux 2016 ~ help us select the winner

Prix Eau Faux 2016

Here they are, the finalists for the 2016 Prix Eau Faux, our contest to honor creative fragrance writing or “faux ad copy” (you can read about the contest here). Huge thanks to everyone who entered!

The judges (me, Angela, Erin, Jessica , Kevin, and Kafka from Kafkaesque) have whittled the field of 37 entries down to 5 finalists.

In order to make this as fair as possible, I won’t post the names of the entrants until after the winner is selected, and I respectfully ask that the entrants not “campaign” for votes here or elsewhere…just let the best entry win. Votes will be taken through 12 noon (Eastern Time) Tuesday, and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

Here are the entries, presented in the order in which they were received…

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Le Prix Eau Faux 2016 ~ update

Prix Eau Faux 2016

A quick reminder that we're now accepting entries for the 2016 Prix Eau Faux — you have until 10 April to come up with yours! The winner gets a $200 gift certificate from our friends at Arielle Shoshana. We have only 5 entries so far, so the field is wide open! And don't forget, you can send in as many entries as you like.