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5 perfumes: spicy fragrances for summer


For many of us, this is about the time of the year when we start to shuffle the contents of our perfume collection, moving the darker and heavier fragrances towards the back. It’s not at all unusual for me to reach for a light citrus or beachy fragrance in winter as a form of denial, but it’s sometimes harder to pull off the reverse, that is, to wear a spicy comfort scent in summer. Many of them are just too thick and rich and overwhelming to wear when it’s hot, or worse, hot and humid. Here are five sheer spices to try in summer when you’re missing your winter favorites.

Demeter Gingerale ~ a perfect rendition of gingerale, including the fizz…

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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Souffle des Indes ~ fragrance review

zero yawn

Like me, do you hold onto the past a little too tightly? Even if a favorite author, or singer or perfume company has devolved into mediocrity and endless repetition, do you still give them a chance every time a new book or CD or fragrance is released? I’ve given Comptoir Sud Pacifique second, third, fourth…fifth chances over the last, what, ten years?

When I started discovering perfumes as a teenager, Comptoir Sud Pacifique provided many of my best fragrance experiences, but the glory days of Comptoir Sud Pacifique are gone. Like many other once-innovative companies (Diptyque, Comme des Garçons, Eau d’Italie, Serge Lutens) Comptoir Sud Pacifique now wants mainstream cred and has dumbed down its scents to achieve it but unlike those other companies, Comptoir Sud Pacifique has started to smell (might as well say it) cheap…

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