Lush Tender is the Night Massage Bar ~ scented body product review

Lush Tender is the Night Massage Bar

In early February of last year, I stopped at a Lush boutique to try out the limited edition products for Valentine’s Day 2013. I was intrigued by an item called Tender is the Night, but I decided not to purchase or review it because it would be gone in a week or so; what was the point? Just two weeks ago, I noticed that Lush had re-released this product. When a sales associate cheerfully informed me that it was now part of the year-round collection, I pounced. I needed a little late-winter pick-me-up, anyway!

The new-and-improved Tender is the Night massage bar is oval-shaped with a pink floral ornament, rather than heart-shaped as it was last year, and supposedly it has an improved formula with a new “aerated” texture. My memory might be playing tricks on me, but I think its fragrance has also been adjusted. I remember last year’s version smelling strongly of jasmine, like Lush’s hot-pink Lust bar soap…

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Luckyscent Parfums Raffy

Seven by Love + Toast

Love + Toast Rollerball Perfumes

Love + Toast is a Margot Elena Wells brand. If you shop in the US, chances are that you’ve seen one of her products somewhere — she’s also responsible for Lollia, Tokyo Milk, Library of Flowers and Apotheke: M, brands which pretty much cover the price and distribution scale from Neiman Marcus to Walgreens. All of the lines feature scented products in whimsical packaging, although Love + Toast is easily the cutesiest of them all. It’s geared a bit younger than its siblings, and has prices to match: many of the products can be had for $15 or less. Love + Toast emphasizes the use of natural materials (the brand’s tag line is “natural, not neutral”) but does not appear to make any “100% natural” claims. A portion of the brand’s proceeds goes to Girls, Inc., “a nonprofit organization that focuses on giving confidence to girls.”

Jessica reviewed two of the hand creams back in 2010: Mandarin Tea and Pomme Poivre. Today, I’m reviewing seven items, including two of the brand’s rollerball fragrances (Juniper Gin and Candied Citron), another hand cream (Sugar Grapefruit), three lip butters (Coconut Lime, Fizzy Ginger and Rose Sorbet) and a lip balm (Gin & Lime)…

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Valentine’s Day fragrance gifts 2014

A few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, in case anyone is in need of (scented) inspiration. Do feel free to comment and tell us what present you’d most like to get!

Diptyque + Macon & Lesquoy brooch

From Diptyque, a brooch you can scent with your favorite fragrance: “Our new hand embroidered Rose brooch was developed in partnership with jewelry designers, Macon & Lesquoy. Perfume the ceramic drop and enjoy your fragrance all day long.” $55 at Diptyque

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Car-Freshner Little Tree air fresheners ~ fragrance review

Car-Freshner Little Tree air fresheners

Last week I stopped by an auto parts store to pick up wiper blades and halted in front of the car air freshener display. I’ve always had a weakness for the scented trees that dangle from a car’s rearview mirror. They’re so trashy, yet so classic, that — in my mind, at least — they pack serious chic. I bought five different Little Trees to review.

First, some Little Tree history: Car-Freshner Little Trees (“the Global Leader in Automotive Air Fresheners”) were developed in 1952 in Watertown, New York, by perfumer and chemist Julius Sämann. In Ireland, a Little Tree is called a Magic Tree. In France, Italy, and Portugal it’s an Arbre Magique, and it’s a Wunder-Baum in Germany. Car-Freshner defends its Little Tree vigorously and has the lawsuits to prove it. Don’t even think of using the Little Tree image as part of the logo for your new hipster carwash / craft cocktail lounge…

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Demeter Dulce de Leche, Espresso, Chai Tea & Whiskey Tobacco ~ fragrance reviews

Demeter Dulce de Leche & Espresso

Feeling a little pinched after holiday spending? I know I am. So today seemed a perfect day to talk about Demeter. I am fond of Demeter, and was surprised to see I hadn’t reviewed anything from the house since 2009, when I talked about Beetroot and Pruning Shears (thumbs up on both). I don’t like everything Demeter makes — I don’t even have time to try everything they make. Life is short, and Demeter is prolific. But every so often, it’s fun to buy a bunch of their miniatures. Six dollars (6!!) gets you a 15 ml travel size, although you’ll have to shell out a few dollars more if you want spray rather than splash. No, they’re not high art (although some of them might just qualify as conceptual art), and no, they’re not long lasting, and no, they don’t always smell like what they’re supposed to smell like. But sometimes they’re spot on, and often, they’re just plain fun.

On the docket today: Dulce de Leche, Espresso, Chai Tea and Whiskey Tobacco…

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