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The game needs me

“A lot of people that were in the fragrance business before, they’re not here anymore, and that’s from the celebrity side and the brand side. Fragrance is an extremely hard business,” he says. When asked why he dared to re-enter the industry now, Combs replied with his trademark confidence: “Because the game needs me.”

— Sean Diddy Combs on why he launched Sean John 3AM. Read more at Diddy's Second Coming: The Music Mogul on Why the Fragrance Game “Needs” Him and How He’s Helping You Get “Laid” at Style.

Pretty Woman by Barbara Orbison ~ fragrance review

Barbara Orbison Pretty Woman

Wait! Don’t click away! Had I not smelled Pretty Woman by Barbara Orbison, I, too, would have been tempted to scroll past this review. There are enough celebrity fragrances on the market to carpet Mars, and, as far as I’m concerned, another planet is exactly where most of them belong. A fragrance named after the dead wife of a dead rock legend (Roy Orbison) doesn’t inspire cheers of delight.

And then I smelled Pretty Woman. It’s not fashionable or pandering, but neither is it overly clever or challenging. Instead, it’s a warm, heady 1930s-style perfume with rich sillage and a long simmer on skin. Pretty Woman is kind of a lame name for it, really. It smells more like Sultry Broad…

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