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It’s so overwhelming

Grant has always been deeply aware of smells. Cheese and chocolate he finds offensive: “If I’m at a dinner and the chocolate and/or cheese comes out, I will literally go to the bathroom until that course is done.” He detests the cacao, vanilla-influenced fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler: “It’s so overwhelming if I smell someone wearing it even from a distance I move away.”

— Richard E. Grant hates Angel but loves Kai. Read about the creation of his own fragrance line at Richard E. Grant’s Sensuous Obsession, at the Observer.

Something she put her name on

The thing is, celebrity perfumes sell. Evidently, a lot of people want to smell like someone else. I was (and still am) such a Paris Hilton fanatic that I don’t remember initially registering how her perfume actually smelled because I was so excited to have and to wear something she made—or, at the very least, something she put her name on.

— Samantha Adler of Vogue writes about "buying into a fantasy". Read more at In Defense of Celebrity Perfume.