Car-Freshner Little Tree air fresheners ~ fragrance review

Car-Freshner Little Tree air fresheners

Last week I stopped by an auto parts store to pick up wiper blades and halted in front of the car air freshener display. I’ve always had a weakness for the scented trees that dangle from a car’s rearview mirror. They’re so trashy, yet so classic, that — in my mind, at least — they pack serious chic. I bought five different Little Trees to review.

First, some Little Tree history: Car-Freshner Little Trees (“the Global Leader in Automotive Air Fresheners”) were developed in 1952 in Watertown, New York, by perfumer and chemist Julius Sämann. In Ireland, a Little Tree is called a Magic Tree. In France, Italy, and Portugal it’s an Arbre Magique, and it’s a Wunder-Baum in Germany. Car-Freshner defends its Little Tree vigorously and has the lawsuits to prove it. Don’t even think of using the Little Tree image as part of the logo for your new hipster carwash / craft cocktail lounge…

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A leafy forest smell

The system uses odour sensors on the outside of the car. When the sensors detect an unpleasant aroma, the system automatically closes the intake vents to stop the air getting in.

It can then release a leafy 'forest' smell, created using essential oils, into the car to combat any whiffs that manage to get through.

— From The astonishing new air-con that blocks unpleasant smells from even entering into your car at the Daily Mail. The car in question is the Nissan Fuga saloon.