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Calvin Klein CK2 ~ fragrance review

Calvin Klein CK2

So we all know Calvin Klein’s CK One, yes? It launched in 1994, and I am sure I am not the only woman who smelled it, thought it smelled sort of like men’s cologne, and found to my surprise that I liked wearing something that smelled sort of like men’s cologne.1 (Men especially, do comment and tell us what it smelled like to you!) When I reviewed it back in 2006, I duly thanked Calvin Klein for helping me to figure out, eventually, that I could not only wear unisex fragrances, but I could wear whatever I wanted — hello, Eau Sauvage.

CK One took the youth market by storm. Not to downplay the achievement, but of course that was infinitely easier in 1994 — it was not so hard to capture consumer attention when there were only around 100 new fragrances a year, and when most media consumption was from a limited number of traditional platforms.2 Calvin Klein followed up with CK Be in 1996, and then a bazillionty flankers…

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Top 10 Fall Fragrances 2015

yellow leaf

It’s mid-September, and I’ve been flipping through various beauty-and-fashion magazines to keep up with things. I’ve been particularly struck by all the “New Season, New Scent” headlines. I know, I know — this is how the fragrance business stays in existence, yet this autumn I’m craving comfort and familiarity far more than novelty.

Looking back five years (!), I’d still wear most of my picks from my Top Ten Fall Fragrances of 2010, but I’ve also made a few “new” favorites since then. Here are my very personal picks for the months ahead.

I’m looking forward to an off-season seashore getaway soon, and I’ll be packing Diptyque Florabellio

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